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Highlights of 2013/14
Sarah Dugan, CEO
Annual General Meeting
9 July 2014
Our Board
Our Services
 Community Care Service Delivery Unit
- Wyre Forest Locality
- Redditch & Bromsgrove Locality
- South Worcestershire Locality
 Adult Mental Health Service Delivery Unit
 Children, Young People & Families Service
Delivery Unit
 Specialist Primary Care Service Delivery Unit
 Service for People with a Learning Disability
Our Strategic Objectives
 We will always provide an excellent patient experience
 Our services will always be safe and effective
 We will work in partnership to improve the integration of health
and care
 Our organisation will be efficient, inclusive and sustainable
We will always provide an excellent
patient experience
Strengthened engagement with patients, public and 11,500 members
Locality Forums continue to influence and support thinking
Youth Board Established
Service success – Eg. Admiral Nursing 10 years anniversary
Friends and Family Test introduced
Complaints and compliments:
 Number of complaints in 2013/14 = 283
 Number of compliments received in
2013/14 = 2,463 (2,208 in 2012/13)
 Service specific feedback –
93% of stroke patients satisfied
(Community Stroke Team 2013)
Our services will always be safe and effective
 Royal College of Psychiatry national accreditation of Mental Health services
(AIMs) – Holt, Cromwell House, Hadley, Harvington, HillCrest, Keith Winter Close, Crisis and
Home Treatment Teams
 Positive external assurance – 24 external
assessment visits in total including 8 visits from
CQC (Note : HMP Oakwood)
 Clinical awards e.g.- Early Intervention in Dementia
service won the National Innovation Award
 Continued development of CAMHs pathway
 An enhanced community service for people with a learning disability
experiencing a crisis
 Detailed and ongoing action programme ensuring all learning from local and
national reports on quality and safety are embraced
 New incident reporting system ‘Ullysses ‘ implemented
We will work in partnership to improve the
integration of health and care
 Well Connected – Agreed 2020 vision –
“You plan your care with people who work together with you to understand you and
your needs, allow you control and co-ordinate and deliver services that support you to
achieve the outcomes important to you”.
 Integrated Mental Health and Learning Disability services in
collaboration with WCC
 Collaboration with WAHT for example on Urgent Care and Paediatrics
 Collaboration with CCGs – including care home in reach, enhanced
care teams, admission avoidance schemes,
 Collaboration with GP providers – including virtual wards and medical
cover in community hospitals
 Collaboration with HM Prisons to develop and enhance offender
health care.
Our organisation will be efficient,
inclusive and sustainable
All statutory finance duties met
Unqualified opinion on the accounts
£15m efficiency released over 2 years
All key performance targets achieved
Contractual duties met including CQINN
SMART programme commenced
Effective Programme Management Office function
IT Strategy and programmes to support progressed
Estates Strategy
Community Treatment Hub, Princess of Wales Community Hospital
Estates Strategy
New Haven, Princess of Wales Community Hospital
2013/14 - a year of strong sustained
Some highlights : Reduced the length of stay in Community Hospitals despite taking on more
 Achieved the C Diff measure despite being set a challenging target by NHS
England - evidence of work of Control of Infection Team
 18 Weeks Referral to Treatment target achieved across all areas
 Met the targets for CPA Reviews in mental health services
 Performance against Accommodation & Employment for people with mental
illness maintained despite challenging economic climate
 Appraisal and mandatory training rates in the 90-100% range
Looking Ahead
We have identified a series of work programmes that focus on achieving the aim
of providing people with high quality, safe care in the right place, first time.
These are:
 Sub – acute care in the community – strengthening the role of community
hospitals, increasing acuity of patients that can be safely managed in the
community hospitals and establishing a more integrated model of care
 Right place, first time – development of integrated community teams serving
a neighbourhood
 Older Adult Mental Health
 Adult Mental Health
 Children, Young People and Family Services
 The further development of integrated services including Health and Social
Care integration

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