Job Descriptions The Next Phase

Job Descriptions
The Next Phase
Presentation to Department Contacts
July 2003
Last Year We Introduced:
Online Job Description and supplement
Electronic transmission, storage and
Job Description Library
Introducing this summer:
Generic Job Descriptions
Select an established job description with
standardized functions, tasks and requirements
 No classification review required
Job Description Builder
Choose from an inventory of functions, tasks
and requirements
 Copy and paste into Online Job Description
Workload reduction
For the Job Card Preparer - reduces the need to
compose function, task and requirement language
For the Classifier - eliminates or expedites
classification review since job documentation is
Quicker cycle times
Generic Job Descriptions
Download from Job Description Library
Pre-determined functions, tasks and
General enough to apply to a broad population
 No ability to edit
Enter only fields such as name, supervisor,
department, work location, etc.
Generic Job Descriptions (cont.)
No classification review required
Normal department job description approval
procedures still apply
Save and submit to Human Resources
Will appear in Job Description Library
numbered as a unique position
Requirements for Using
Generic Job Descriptions
All Essential Functions must be represented
All Selection Criteria must be included
Job documentation must be deemed adequate to
support HR processes, such as:
Recruitment and hiring
Classification and pay
Performance management
Skills and knowledge exceptions to layoffs out of
seniority order
How to Access
Users will be provided the option to select
from a menu of generic job descriptions
after selecting “Create a new description for
a position” from the Job Description Main
Menu at
View example –
Academic Department Student Services Coordinator
Use the generic job description as a
Copy and paste language as appropriate
 Edit to customize to the individual position
Once you customize, position requires
classification review
Job Description Builder
Choose from established selection criteria:
 Occupational Sub-Group
 Occupational Sub-Group Category
 Assigned Functions
Returns a list of tasks and requirements
commonly associated with the functions
Job Description Builder (cont.)
Select the applicable tasks and requirements
Copy and paste into the appropriate sections of the
Online Job Description
Review, edit and customize as appropriate until
position content is fully documented
Complete all other sections of the Online Job
Submit through normal department channels for
approval and classification review
Technical Aspects
Two browser sessions open simultaneously:
Online Job Description
 Job Description Builder
To function properly requires:
Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 +
 Netscape 6.2 +
How to Access
Users will be offered the option to access
the Job Description Builder via the Online
Job Description form at the Functions/Tasks
section. Will link to:
Copy and paste statements into your word
processing application
Review, edit and customize as appropriate
until position content is fully documented
Copy and paste final content into the Online
Job Description
Summary of Options
Start with a blank form
Download an approved job description
from the Job Description Library
Use the Job Description Builder tool
Adopt one of the generic job descriptions
Status of Project –
Generic Job Descriptions
3 generic job descriptions drafted
SRA II – Clinical Trials Coordinator
 SRA II – Basic Science Research Associate
 SAO I – Academic Department Student
Services Coordinator
More in progress
__ Assistant II – Research Support
Status of Project –
Job Description Builder
Occupational Sub-groups currently available:
Clerical & Administrative Support
Programming/Systems Analysis
Administrative Analysis
Laboratory Support
Student Affairs
Additional groups in progress:
Staff Research Associates
Steering committee guided project and
identified priorities
Compensation Unit drafted initial content
Subject-matter experts across campus
reviewed draft content and make
Categories are implemented as completed
Continuous opportunity to supplement
Phase I - 7/03
Generic job descriptions and Job Description Builder
content will be available for some of the most highly
populated occupations
Phase II – 7/1/04
Many of the most highly populated occupations will be
Future Development – TBD
As determined by campus needs and available project
Recognition and Thanks!!!
UC Riverside – Human Resources Department
(Originator of the Job Description Builder concept)
Job Description “Tiger Team”
Anne Cressey
KC Davis
Maureen Harden
Lydia Ikeda
Stephanie Wong
Human Resources Staff
Rosemarie Mirano-del Mar
Mary Paul
Susan Reba
Bill Speckman
Thelma Vanesian
Carol Yoza
Teams of Subject Matter Experts
We Need and Welcome
Your Input
Try different queries and view the results
Volunteer to review content as a subjectmatter expert
Contact the Compensation Specialist
assigned to your VC area

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