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KWizCom Business Card
Founded in 2005
Headquartered in Toronto
Global provider of add-ons and services
3000+ customers worldwide
Business Target:
Deliver innovative and cost-effective add-ons,
enabling customers to deploy excellent Microsoft
SharePoint and Dynamics CRM solutions
faster than ever and at no risk.
Fields of expertise:
• Microsoft Office SharePoint
• Microsoft Dynamics CRM
Gold Certified Partner
Information Worker
Business Processes
Combine MOSS 2007’s powerful ECM and most flexible KM
solution framework, together with
KWizCom’s Enhanced Wiki solution
Benefit from the best Wiki-based
Enterprise KM solution!
Wiki Plus Key Features
MOSS 2007 add-on
Support for standard Wiki markup
Improved editing experience
Taxonomy management solution
Content Rating
Page-level discussions
Content lifecycle management
Advanced reporting
Wiki content templates
Content Snippets
True SharePoint integration - No separate maintenance costs!
Quick product feature tour
Find articles by
Or by their ratings
Let’s click this tag..
The Tag Pages List page displays all pages
that were tagged to the selected tag.
Subscribe to this category and get email
alerts for new/updated content
Clicking the “Check forms authentication”
page link opens this wiki page in View mode.
This is the wiki page in View mode
(with forward links)
Page’s properties
Per-page discussions
What can I do while reading this page?
Subscribe to alerts on this page
Edit the page
Edit any of the forward links (this
will create a new wiki page)
Find other pages connected to
related categories/tags
Rate this page
Let’s create a new
You can create a page based
Content templates
(just like in MS Office)
Content Preview
You can clone an existing
The Wiki Plus Editor
(and save a lot of time )
Content snippets allow you
to share reusable pieces of
You can easily save a page
as a new content template
Wiki Markup snippets
(for wiki beginners that are not
skilled wiki authors)
Enhanced management of
images, attachments and
Full rich text Web & Wiki
Easily create a link to new
wiki pages or to existing
wiki pages)
The Wiki Plus Editor –
Easy management Wiki page links
You can insert links to wiki
pages located in other sites!
Easily implement a distributed
Easily locate other wiki pages by
using customizable SharePoint
The Wiki Plus Editor –
Easy management images
Need to include an image?
Simply click the “Image
Manager” button
You can select existing images from your
SharePoint libraries.
Can’t find it?
No problem – you can upload a new one and
include it in your page in one click!
The Wiki Plus Editor –
Easy management of file attachments
Need to attach documents/files to your
Wiki page?
Simply click the “Document Manager” button
Same as in pictures –
You can select existing file or upload a new one
and attach it to your wiki page.
The Wiki Plus Editor –
Include content snippets
Clicking the “Order Confirmation” option will add
this shared piece of content to the page
We have a standard order confirmation
message we use in many pages.
In order to use it I will click the “Content
Snippets” button.
Share reusable rich-content snippets!
The Wiki Plus Editor –
Web 2.0-style tagging
When you enter a tag, the auto-complete feature
shows you all existing tags
(which can be filtered by views/permissions)
The Wiki Plus Editor –
Hierarchical categories
Click the “Browse” button and select
Categorize your page by checking the
required categories from the category
Content lifecycle management
(Take control over your content!)
Every page has an Owner (or several) that has special
1. Can delete the page
2. Can restore previous versions
3. Gets an email notification when someone else changes the
4. Can define expiration period
After defining a Lifecycle alert:
1. When the page is about to expire – page owners get a
notification email (“Please renew the page”)
2. If the page has expired – an “Out of date” label will appear on
top of the page, letting users know that the page may be
Content lifecycle management
(Take control over your content!)
After defining a Lifecycle alert:
1. When the page is about to expire – page owners get a
notification email (“Please renew the page”)
2. If the page has expired – an “Out of date” label will appear on
top of the page, letting users know that the page may be
Readers will see the “Out of date” label
(If the page owner did not renew the page on time)
Avoid obsolete content, make your content always
relevant and accurate!
More Wiki features
Automatic Table of
You can edit parts of a
Advanced Reports
Advanced Reports
Pages Report
Find out about true usage of your KM
Example: which pages were mostly viewed
in the last month?
Preview before Save
Wiki Plus usage scenarios
Corporate Procedure archive
Support knowledgebase
Development knowledgebase
Cross-organization knowledge pool
Organization dictionary-"Pedia" application
Any knowledge-pool scenario with
WEB 2.0 collaboration needs.
Wiki Plus Architecture
It is all standard SharePoint
building blocks..
Wiki Plus Library Definition
Wiki Plus Content Type
Custom Field Types:
Wiki Plus Master Page
Resource files
Wiki Plus Site Template
Wiki Plus Feature
Web Part pages
and web parts
Wiki Plus Unique Features
Support Central & Distributed architecture
Customizable data layer
Customizable layout
Content lifecycle management
Enterprise Taxonomy
Rich web + Wiki editor
Supports all MOSS features & framework
Enables the implementation of
a tailored business solution
Wiki Plus Advantages
True SharePoint-based solution
You get the power of MOSS +
Enhanced Wiki solution
Combines MOSS ECM & Collaboration
functionality with enhanced Wiki features
No separate maintenance costs
Anyone who knows SharePoint can support Wiki Plus
No separate security/permission mechanism
Highly configurable & customizable
Why Wiki Plus?
All KM functionality of MOSS 2007
Flexibility – MOSS 2007 is designed as a framework
All Wiki features + enhanced enterprise KM capabilities
(content lifecycle management, Taxonomy management and more)
SharePoint-based add-on – no separate security,
search and maintenance!
Download TODAY for 30-days evaluation period
Thank You!
Contact us: [email protected]

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