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South Korea
Ship builder to the world
World Trade routes
What are trade routes that you notice?
How does South Korea’s location give it an advantage?
What does this slide tell you about the market share for
Which country builds the most container ships?
What trend can you determine about South Korean Shipyards?
Ship construction in South Korea
consists of a variety of ships
Container ships carry up
to 15000 containers.
Panamax ships just fit through the
Panama canal. Notice the containers
that are measured in TEU’s.
Bulk Carriers
Cargoes like
metal ores or
coal or wheat
are carried in
bulk Carries
When the ship is completely full all the red would
be below the water line. The biggest of these
ships carry 300 000 tons.
LNG Carrier
An LNG Carrier is a ship
designed for transporting
liquefied natural gas. As
the LNG marker is
growing rapidly in the
present decade, the fleet
of LNG carriers is growing
LNG Tankers
LNG is the gas the comes out of kitchen stoves.
LPG Carriers
• Ships had to be designed and built to move this volatile cargo safely
and economically from loadport to disport. Basically they are giant
refrigerated propane tanks.
Oil Tanker
Most of the worlds Crude oil is transported by these ships.
Some are as big as 500 000 tons.
Floating dry dock
Ships are built
and repaired in
dry docks that
can sink and
PCTC: Pure Car and Truck Carrier
This Korean built
ship is able to
carry 3000 cars
from Asia to the
Why do you
think its shaped
this way?
The end.
Any Questions?

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