ELM Elaboration Likelihood Model

Elaboration Likelihood Model
By: Paul Duncan
Comm 165
Elaboration Likelihood Model
 People make decisions using one of two
mental routes.
 Central and Peripheral
Central Route
 More “active” route
 Must have “motivation” and “ability”
to think through topic
 Examples: Weighing Pros and Cons of a
romantic relationship
Peripheral Route
 Less active
 Mental Short-cut for decision making
 Adopted when one is unable or
unwilling to think through decision
 Examples: Shopping for orange juice,
or walking to class.
 Central or Peripheral Route?
What do you think?
 Central Route.
 Hopefully, the decision maker is
making a careful, well-informed
decision. Voting is a very important
To Sum Up
 Making important decisions should
require the use of the central route.
 Peripheral route is a short of decision
making short cut. Used for less
important decisions.

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