Monorail Von Roll/Adtranz

Monorail Von Roll/Adtranz
Eurotren Monoviga
High-Speed Monorail
RED: Linear Motor
YELLOW: Guide wheels
BLUE: Load Bearing heels
Cross-Section of SemiMaglev Urbanaut™ Vehicle
with Steel Wheels and Rubber Noise Damper
Relative Cost of Each Element
Element Descriptions
Civil Works: Guideway,
Stations, Switches,
Maintenance Buildings
Rolling Stock: Trains and
Special Vehicles
Signaling: Train Control System
(TCS) and other controls
Energy: Energy Supply
Telecomm: Communication
Depot equipment and control
AFC: Automated fare collection
Typical Conventional Steel
Wheel Light Rail in Center
of Street
Urbanaut® Monorail in
Parking Lane
Suspended - SAFEGE
Chiba City.
Weight 21.5 metric tons
Max. speed 65km/h (40 mph)
Acceleration 3.5 km/h/sec (2 mph/sec)
Normal Deceleration 3.5 km/h/sec
Emergency Deceleration 4.5 km/h/sec (2.8 mph/sec)
Main power 1500V
Siemens H-Bahn (SIPEM)

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