Christmas Carol Power Point

A Christmas Carol 3
Who is Scrooge?
• To learn how to infer and deduce
information about character from a text
• To understand how to use Point ->
Evidence when writing about characters
Infer and Deduce
Look at this picture very carefully. What can you see?
We all see different things when we look at an image or read a
book. Being able to infer and deduce is about looking
closely and picking up clues that tell us more about the
character or plot.
What can you see?
What can you see?
Infer & Deduce
What does the picture
below suggest about
What does this
image of his home
tell us about Scrooge?
Look carefully at this Victorian illustration what can
you infer and deduce from it about Scrooge?
Ebenezer Scrooge
• What are your first
impressions of Ebenezer
Scrooge? Write down 5
adjectives that describe
Scrooge then find an
example of something
that Scrooge says or does
which reinforces that
First Impressions last…
Use your adjective and
evidence grid to write a
paragraph about Scrooge.
Think about…
What does he look like?
Where does he live?
What is his occupation?
Is he well liked?
What is his character
12th December 08
A Christmas Carol
My first impression of Scrooge
is that he is a…
Speaking and Listening
Feedback : Read your lists out to a
partner or the rest of the class. Explain
why you have chosen particular
adjectives, say how your examples
reinforce your choice of adjectives.
Remember: adjectives describe a noun.
A Christmas Carol
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