Fireman`s Fund Insurance Company

Fireman’s Fund
Insurance Company
Accenture helps Fireman’s Fund transform claims and underwriting services
Fireman’s Fund is a premier property and casualty insurer. It provides personal, commercial and specialty insurance
products throughout the United States. As of year-end 2007, the insurer had assets of more than US$10 billion and
gross written premiums of more than US$6 billion.
Business challenge
As the soft market relative to insurance pricing continues and rates remain relatively low, insurance companies face
additional challenges in generating growth. But accuracy in underwriting–determining what risks to take on, how to
assess them and how to price them–and efficiency in claims processing are two areas in which all insurers must
consistently excel, no matter what the market conditions. Fireman’s Fund took up the transformation of its underwriting
operations to give its underwriters the tools to adapt to market changes quickly and help improve risk decisions. In
addition, the insurer sought to eliminate silos and increase operational efficiency by bringing together its claims
processing for all lines of business, including auto, property and general liability, onto an enterprise-wide claims
processing platform.
How Accenture helped
To help Fireman’s Fund build a more efficient and effective underwriting operation, Accenture implemented its
Underwriting Components Solution. Built on Microsoft .NET technology and running on a Microsoft Windows Server,
this platform enables underwriters to follow core underwriting principles thereby making more consistent decisions
about risks. Further, the web-based application provides easy access to the most current data leading to better, more
informed risk decisions. The solution also eliminates the need to enter data more than once thereby lowering the
incidence of human error and increasing efficiency. Accenture built and deployed the system across all commercial
lines and all 50 states in less than a year.
To assist Fireman’s Fund in transforming its claims operation–a function that encompasses people, process and
technology–Accenture implemented its Claim Components Solution. Claim Components Solution brings a standard,
automated, repeatable process to every aspect of claims handling, resulting in better control of the expenses of
handling a claim and better customer service.
High performance delivered
More than 500 commercial underwriters and their teams now use the new underwriting platform and are achieving
several points of combined loss and expense improvement as well as increased target account growth. The claim
solution has lowered Fireman’s Fund’s claim expenses by reducing the time required to handle a claim and enabling
adjusters to spend more time on value-add and customer-facing activities. Overall, Fireman’s Fund has lowered its
expenses by several basis points and is positioned to write new business more consistently, leveraging best practices
from across the company in an automated manner. Accenture has met or beaten every deadline date and remained
on or under budget on all projects delivered at Fireman’s Fund.
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