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to Caritas in Upperaustria!
Our mission
Help in times of need. Help in everyday life.
The main aim of our work is to enable people
to look after themselves on their own.
We help anyone, regardless of creed, colour,
political tendencies or personal debt.
We respect peoples‘ dignity and accept them as they are.
We do not work with their deficits, but with their resources.
„… We believe it‘s our mission to sharpen the social
conscience of both society and the church. Therefore we
strive forwards beeing socio-politicaly responsible for the
welfare of all walks of life, throughout society, country and
church, wherever we consider it necessary.“
Caritas-Director, Mathias Mühlberger
Overview of the whole organisation
Wir bieten Hilfe.
Help for
people in need in
● Citizens Advice Bureau
for Austrians, EU-citizens, refugees, immigrants
● Accompanied Living
Haus für Mutter und Kind, Hartlauerhof, WEGE
● Day centres - Wärmestube, FRIDA
● Integration centre - Paraplü
● Carla - Second-hand shops
Commodity donations (collection and
Help for
persons in need
Foreign Aid
● Emergency
relief and social
welfare projects in partner
● Disaster relief
● Creation of awareness and
educational work in Upper Austria
● Services for parishes
and private initiatives
We encourage
Care and nursing service
Mobile Services
assistance for the elderly and families
Mobile palliative home care
● Home Help
● Residential houses for
senior citizens
● invita
psychosocial treatment and care
Service point
We encourage
● Accomodation for children,
adolescents and adults with disabilities
Nursery and Child care
Integrations fo paedagogical
nurseries and day-care centres
● Therapy and counselling for
disabled people and their relatives
Education and work
We assist
Counselling & service
Nurseries, Creches centres,
after school care centre
Student‘ hostels
Publication „Our Children“
Careers with
a future.
Schools for social workers:
Work with elderly people, families
and the disabled
2 sites in Linz and an educational
centre „josee“ in Ebensee.
● Adult education:
Training and further education in
various areas of study (e.g. hospice
palliative care)
● „Close to the people“:
Perceiving the need for help and
linking local amenities
● Supporting parishes
in their social commitments
● Seminars,
lectures and
workshops on Caritas-topics
● Facilitating
Service point for
young people.
● Lessons
for pupils and
confirmation groups
● Workshops and seminars
● Organisation of visits to
● Projects, initiatives
e.g. LaufWunder
● Workbooks
and leaflets on
social topics
Help for the needy relies on donations.
 40 % of Caritas help for „persons in need“
in Upper Austria is financed through
 82 % of Caritas help abroad is
financed through donations.
How can I help?
● Financial
donations: Without donations
Caritas could not help in many social areas.
Time donations (volunteer work):
Visiting elderly people and care for the
terminally ill.
● Commodity
Linz and Braunau
● Community
Development possibilities in over 20
Caritas institutions in OÖ
Theme of the year 2014
Together we are family
Information centre
How can I get information?
Caritas Information:
++43/0732/76 10 – 20 20
[email protected]
Thank you for your attention!

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