Driver Education Chapters 8-10

Chapter 8- Sharing the Road with others
Chapter 9- Vehicle information
Chapter 10- Essential Driver Information
Now that you have spent 4 weeks in
driver education, do you feel you
are ready to drive on NJ roadways?
Why or why not?
 Since 2008, approximately 150 pedestrians have been
killed annually in traffic related crashes on New Jersey
 Pedestrians must use a crosswalk (even if it is not
painted as such) $54.00 fine over 18 $22.00 fine under
18 for not using a cross walk
 Pedestrians have the right of way
 If a motorist strikes a pedestrian causing bodily injury
$100-250 and up to 25 days in jail.
 Be Alert!
 The laws governing four-
wheel vehicles such as cars
and trucks also govern
 When passed by a
motorcycle, a motorist
should maintain his/her
speed and position.
 A motorist’s failure to detect
and recognize motorcycles in
traffic is the most common
cause of motorcycle
Trucks, Tractor Trailers, & Buses
 A motorist should always use caution when driving
alongside trucks.
 Must know limitations: visibility, required stopping
distance and maneuverability.
 When passing a large truck or bus, it is important to
remember that there are several no zones (blind spots)
in which the motorist cannot see other vehicles.
 In addition, during bad weather, a truck can take as
much as 25 percent longer to stop.
The No Zone principle
Don’t hang out in the
 Stay far behind a truck that is
preparing to back up or is
backing up.
 Increase following distance
 Leave space when stopped
behind large trucks or buses
 Give more road space
especially if vehicle is making
a wide turn
Vehicle Title
 Certifies that you own
the vehicle
 Buyers name, address,
date of sale, mileage, sale
price, buyers signature
 Present signed title and
pay required fee
 Must pay sales tax on
Registering a Vehicle
 Complete Application
 Show proof of ownership (Vehicle Title)
 Show proof sales tax has been paid
Renewing registration
 Notice of expiration mailed 60 days before
 Renew via phone, mail-in, or web
 Over 3800 pounds pay 72.50 under 46.50
Vehicle Inspection
What to bring
The process
 Drivers license
 Inspector will determine
 Registration
engine type and prepare for
 No longer check for defects
on the vehicle
 brake suspension, steering,
wheel alignment and safety
features (headlights, tail
lights, tires, horn, windshield
wipers and turn signals)
 Proof of insurance
 Non expired inspection
 When moving into NJ a
motorist must have vehicle
inspected within 14 days after
registering it.
License Renewal
 Every 4 years
 Be sure to update provisional when 18
 Must report address change within one week
 Must report name change within two weeks
Lost, stolen License
 Permit duplicate is $5.00
 Licensed instructor must
purchase duplicate
 Lost or stolen license
should be reported to
the police
 Replacement fee for a
lost or stolen license is

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