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The Old
How helped before Libs
Limitations of Lib Reforms
No real system – some
charities; some orphans
sent to workhouses (think
Oliver Twist!)
1906 – Free School Meals in some
areas; by 1914 – 14m meals… but only ½
Local Authorities signed up
1907 – compuls. school medical
1912 – School clinics
Charities; family; the
1908 – First Gov. pensions set up –
over 70s receive 5 shillings a week;
married couples receive 7 sh, 6p
In 1st year 650,000 people collect
People who could afford it
would have their own
private pensions
Some labour exchanges
existed; run by vols.;
Unemployed unemp. could register to
& under- try to get work (like a
employed Jobcentre today)
The Sick
What did Libs do
Charities; families; the
- In 1908 most people dead
before 70!
- Married couples get less per
- Only for people living in Brit
for 20+ years
1909 – Libs set up Gov.-run Labour exchanges; by 1913 these exchanges
were putting 3,000 people into work
every day
1911 National Insurance Act – up to 15 weeks of unemployment pay @ 7
shillings a week
1911 National Insurance Act –
workers pay in 4p/week, employers
adds 3p, Gov. adds 2p (“9p for 4p”)
Choice of setting up free
school meals left to Local
Authorities… 50% don’t set
these up
What to do if no labour
exchange nearby?
No skills training (unlike
Jobcentres today)
Unemployment pay only last 15
- Sick pay = 26 weeks at 10
House of Commons
contains MPs (650
in total) – voted
for by local areas
(e.g. Watford)
House of Lords; in
1911 most Lords
were hereditary;
also some
appointed by
different PMs…
most Lords = old &
rich… so were very
Paper 2
90 minutes
8 sources – written AND picture sources
6 Qs: mix of [7] and [8] mark questions and one [12]
Every Q will ask you to use the source and your
For every source, think…
CONTENT (what you see)
CONTEXT (what you know)
PROVENANCE (when produced/written?)
PURPOSE (why produced / written?)
A cartoon from 1909 called
“Rich Fare”
The writing underneath says…
The Giant Lloyd-Gorgibuster:
“Fe Fi Fo Fat, I smell the blood
of a plutocrat; be he alive or be
he dead, I’ll grind his bones to
make my bread.”
A plutocrat = a wealthy citizen
A cartoon from 1909 called “The
Philanthropic Highwayman”
The writing underneath says…
Mr Lloyd-George: “I’ll make them
pity the aged poor.”
Note the motor cars – a new
symbol of wealth- approaching in
the distance…
A philanthropist = someone who
wants to help others

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