Quokka Systems Consulting: online booking system

Quokka Online Booking System
For your web site to bear fruit, your online reservation
strategy must allow your guest to reserve directly
from your web site, making it a leading tool for your
marketing and reservations.
Customer service success depends on allowing
customers 24 hour access to your rates and
availability with no waiting and no delay in
processing, producing instant guest confirmation.
The Quokka Online Booking System allows you to
control everything: availability, price and your policies.
The system brings certainty, convenience, and
relevance to your web site.
Main Screen
Policies & Options 1
Policies & Options 2
Room Class Info 1
Room Class Info 2
This is our unique room function feature. It allows
Bed & Breakfasts to take bookings without fear of
double booking by using a request-handler process.
Online Offers
This is the “overview” of all the offers you have
applied to your room classes, plus quantities per
night. For example, if a customer is visiting
between the dates shown, the Kits View Suite is
$275. Five rooms per night are available.
Blackouts 1
Blackouts 2
 Reporting is a both an issue and an opportunity
for online booking.
 There is a large amount of data available to
businesses when they use the Quokka Online
Booking System but, there often isn’t enough time
in the day to take advantage of this information.
 To help with this, the Quokka Online Booking
System has a large number of “template” reports
that help determine how many prospects who visit
your site actually become customers.
System Usage Analysis
This report tells you how far into the booking process a guest
went before exiting. The success of online booking is
measured by looking at how many unique visitors you bring to
the site, including those who may or may not book with you.
Without online booking, you would be unable to determine
Client Origin
 Another popular
report is the source of
the bookings.
Allow different levels of access for different users
(e.g. Sales Manager and Yield Manager).
Add discounts to any offer.
Allow customers to view rates in several currencies.
Properties can manage their own corporate rates.
Email solicitation to those customers willing to
receive promotional information.
Create a simple brochure with descriptive text and
colourful pictures.
Create “a la carte” packages.
Create packages to sell activities and attractions.
All clients receive a free listing on
Travel in BC.
Quokka Systems has Marketing
Affiliate agreements with various
travel portals to help promote and
sell your online inventory.
In addition, your inventory is listed
in room selectors on tourism
organizations’ web pages and on
activities’ web pages that link to
approved accommodations.
Putting it Together
No software to buy, install or maintain.
100% control over rates, availability and
policies in real time.
You can accept bookings in real time or offer a
booking-by-request system.
Secure access for both for the consumer and the
Access to reporting on your Internet inquiries.
Free support and upgrades.
The system does not collect money up front;
all financial transactions are left to the
businesses providing the service.
Two marketing programs enhance your web page
and internet presence.
And finally…
"Today your web page is your biggest
source for new business and its look
and feel reflects your business
Allowing online bookings to occur from
this source turns this electronic
brochure into a viable additional
business avenue.
To add online bookings you need
technology to capture this business.
The Quokka Online Booking System
acts as your very own “cash register”
opening and closing to your

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