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Learning Chinese through song
Music, singing, and dancing aren't just
fun, fluffy fillers in a foreign language
class. Music is a powerful tool for
language learning and retention.
(Diane Farag)
Singing songs develops good
Pinyin Song
Bo po mo fo, de te ne le,
ge ke he, ji qi xi, zi ci si ri,
zi ci si, zhi chi shi,
zi ci si ri, zhi chi shi,
a o e i u u, wo men dou lai xue pinyin
The Polite Song
Ni xihuan na zhong yanse
Zhe shi shen me shui guo?
Learning Colours
Extending Vocabulary
Activity: Listen to the song and using your prior knowledge of colours
guess the vocabulary
tian kong
tian ye
dian tou
Listening to song lyrics improves
Ni wa wa
Activity: Fill in the blanks with words that you hear from the song

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