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6th grade Sarcophagus
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Project Overview
• As a group, you will be creating a sarcophagus for a deceased
ancient Egyptian.
• You are to work together, as a group, to create a sarcophagus,
biography about the person’s life, and a final presentation.
• Groups will be made up of a combination of Mr. Snyder, Mrs.
Solewin, and Mrs. Hutch’s classes. The teachers will create the final
groups. There is no switching!
• Through this project you will apply your knowledge about ancient
Egyptian culture and religious beliefs. You will also learn to share
ideas and cooperate with a group. Listening to the ideas of others
and compromising are key in creating a successful project!
• We want you to enjoy the learning process and have a fun
Creating a Sarcophagus
Group Project
For this project, you will be working as a group in order to create an
Egyptian sarcophagus for a mummy.
1. Your group must decide together who has been mummified and laid to
rest in your sarcophagus – A Pharaoh? A Queen? A High Priest? – As a
group decide on the biography of your mummy’s life. A written copy of the
group biography must be handed in with each packet. Make sure that it is a
group effort and everyone is given an opportunity to share their ideas.
2. Working together, design a rough plan to decide on the hieroglyphs,
jewelry and symbols you want to incorporate on your sarcophagus.
Sketch your design layout on the miniature replica sheet. Make sure to
use handouts, websites, and books to help you find out about typical
Egyptian designs used in burials.
3. Once the preliminary work is finished and your plan had been approved by a
teacher – you are ready to begin your final sarcophagus!
 Fold a large piece of bulletin board paper in half and trace one member of your
group on the paper.
 Sketch out in pencil the face and designs for your mummy case on the paper.
 Paint the sarcophagus .
 Outline any needed areas and add embellishments to the sarcophagus.
 Cut out the sarcophagus (remember you need to cut through both layers).
 Carefully, using a glue gun, glue around the outside edge of the mummy all the
way around, but leaving an opening for stuffing on one side.
 Stuff your scraps of paper and newspaper in through the opening. It is
important to stuff the paper up into the head and down by the feet. Glue the
opening closed.
4. As a group, you will give a brief presentation on who is buried in your
sarcophagus and how you chose the designs for sarcophagus. Be prepared to
explain the following:
*Who did you “mummify” in your sarcophagus? What was their life like?
* What designs did you choose to decorate your sarcophagus? Why?
Your grade will be based on the following
Design Layout
10 points
Daily Log of Progress
10 points
Use of Egyptian Art and Style
20 points
Neatness and detail
20 points
Cooperation in and with the group
10 points
Overall Presentation
(Final product, biography, oral presentation)
30 points
Daily Log of Progress
Directions: During each work day of the project, you need to write down what progress was made on the sarcophagus and the goal for tomorrow’s class
period. Please be specific as to what you personally were able to contribute to the progress of the project.

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