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Future Organics is a wholly owned subsidiary of
Future Environmental, Inc. who owns and operates
a fleet of over 200 trucks, trailers, vacuum tankers
and industrial service equipment. Future
Environmental has over 220 employees and
primarily services the petroleum, chemical and
related industries.
At the present time, Future Organics operates a fleet
of 8 vehicles exclusively for organic by-product
collection and we primarily collect from;
• Grocery Stores
• Cafeterias
• Restaurants
• Nursing homes
• Hospitals
• Schools and Universities
• Food Production & Packaging Plants
Within the last three years, Future Organics has;
• Greatly increased customer base and now services over 300
customers in Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky, and Indiana;
• Diverted over 30,000,000 pounds (15,000 tons) per year of
organic material from landfill in Ohio alone.
• Assisted Cincinnati area schools with organic diversion
• Been instrumental in developing comprehensive waste
management recycling plans for several customers.
• Coming Soon…Curbside Collection of Source Separated
The Newest Addition To Our Fleet
We have made tremendous progress in Ohio.
There are more;
Composting Facilities
Anaerobic Digesters
Animal Feed Programs
than when we started three years ago.
But How Do We Make Organics Recycling Really Work?
• As a community, state and country, we need to want to
do this…it can’t be just about the money…because it
can cost more!
• As a transporter, ROUTE DENSITY is the key…we can
shave our fees when we add customers on the same
routes. And we have, for the most part, our fees are
about 25-40% less than when we started.
In Conclusion
The Transporters, Composters, Anaerobic
Digesters and Animal Feed Programs cannot do
it alone…
We need the generators of organic byproducts
to have a desire to eliminate this type of
material from the landfill and put this type of
material back into use.
Thank You
For Additional Information Please
Brock Reinhard, General Manager
Cell 847 833 8252
[email protected]

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