Integrating On-Line Tools and Internet Resources

Integrating Online Tools and
Internet Resources
• Why use the Internet
in the Classroom?
• Searching the Internet
• Internet as a Research
and Information Tool
• Evaluating Web
• Citing Internet
Curriculum Resources
Collaborative Projects
Email Projects
Discussion Forums
Other Helpful Tools
The Power of the Internet
• Students and teachers can:
• Access a truly astronomical amount of information
• Publish work before a global audience of peers
• Communicate with peers and individuals around
the planet
• Electronically collaborate with others around the
globe to solve problems and create information
and knowledge
Searching on the Internet
• Conventional Search Engines
– Excite-
– Lycos-
• Metasearch engines
– MetaCrawler-
– Dogpile-
• Search Engines for Children
– Yahooligans-
– Ask Jeeves for Kids-
Four NETS for Better Searching
Start Narrow
Find Exact Phrases
Trim back the URL
Look for Similar Pages
• From: Four NETS for Better Searching
The Internet as a Research and
Information Tool
• Primary Source Data
– US National Archives and Records Administration
• Electronic Field Trips
– White House-
• Newspapers, Books
– The Boston Globe-
• Online Simulations
– Virtual Frog Dissection-
Evaluating Web Resources
• Kathy Schrock’s Guide for Educators- Critical Evaluation
• Education World- Great Sites for Teaching about Web
• Thinking Critically About Web Page Content
• ICYouSee: T is for Thinking- A Guide to Critical Thinking
About What You See on the Web
Questions for Evaluating
• Who is responsible for this site?
• What is the content/subject matter of the
• Where does the website reside?
• When was the website last updated?
• How does the main page look and function?
• Why does the website exist?
Citing Internet Resources
• Citing Internet Sources
• Tek Mom’s Citation Pagehttp://www.tekmom/cite/index.html
Curriculum Resources
• Education World-
• Kathy Schrock’s Guide for Educators
• Pacific Bell Knowledge Network Explorer
• Sun Associates’ Collection of WWW Resources
Collaborative Projects
• Collections of online projects
– Global Schoolhouse Project Page
– Blue Web’n-
– Classroom Connect
• Individual Projects
– Jason Project-
Email Projects
• Intercultural E-mail Classroom Connections
• KIDLINK- Global Networking for Youth
• ePALS Classroom Exchange-
• NASA Quest- Meet NASA people
• An inquiry activity that presents student
groups with a challenging task, scenario, or
problem to solve
• Students use a variety of resources to
accomplish the task - including some online
carefully chosen by the teacher
• Scaffolds the learning process to prompt
higher order thinking
Finding Existing WebQuests
• Search Bernie Dodge’s WebQuest Site
• Knowledge Network Explorer Search
• GEC Computers in the Classroom WebQuest Locator
• San Diego City Schools Technology Challenge Grants
• Lesson Plans and WebQuests
Discussion Forums for Teachers
• Teachers Network-
• The Beginning Teachers Toolbox
• Scholastic’s Professional Discussion Groups
Other Helpful Tools
• Web Page Tools
Teacher Web-
MySchool Online-
Inspiring Teacher-
• Assessment Tools
– Rubistar-
Contact Information
Sun Associates
Suite 216
55 Middlesex Street
N. Chelmsford, Massachusetts 01863
978-251-8700 fax
[email protected]

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