Bus testing Program Presentation

FTA Bus Testing Program
March 28, 2013
Gregory Rymarz
Federal Transit Administration
Office of Research, Demonstration and Innovation
FTA Bus Test Program Manager:
Gregory Rymarz
Office Research, Demonstration, and Innovation
Bus Test Program Principal Investigator:
Dave Klinikowski
Penn State University
Bus Test Program Technical Advisor
Stephen Brady
Booz, Allen, & Hamilton
2013 EPA Emissions
No testing required solely for 2013 emissions requirements
Dear Colleague Letter for 2013 Cummins engines
Cummins EPA 2013 engines would not be available until April 2013
FTA funds would available to purchase pre-2013 engines before
December 31, 2013
Had to be used for signed bus orders prior to October 31, 2012 and
used in buses built before October 31, 2013
Passenger Weight Rulemaking
Passenger Weight Rulemaking has been withdrawn
Bus Testing will continue operating under the October 2009
(over GVWR) rule
Test Buses are “loaded” until no standee space remains
At full test load Mid-sized Buses are typically overloaded
(GAWR and/or GVWR)
At full test load, Heavy-duty buses are not typically
Question – In actual transit service are mid-sized buses
operated with standees aboard?
Passenger Weight for Testing - Options
Allow bus manufacturers to specify the quantity of standee
passengers on a bus model provided that:
If the bus is designed for standees, a standee line is present and the total
quantity of standees is identified
If the bus is not designed for standees, the bus is placarded accordingly on
the bulkhead and no standee line is present
Existing Standee loading procedures would be applied to buses
that are standee capable (150 lb per 1.5 sq. ft.)
For buses not intended for standee passengers only the weight
of seated and wheelchair passengers would be loaded (150/600
lb respectively)
The ability to transport standee passengers will be highlighted in
the test report
Thank You
Gregory Rymarz
Office of Mobility Innovation
Federal Transit Administration
1200 New Jersey Avenue S.E., Room E43-302
Washington, DC 20590
[email protected]

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