The order of the building blocks of fabric from most basic

Fashion- Chapter 6 Quiz
The order of the building blocks of fabric
from most basic to finished product is:
yarns > fabrics > fibers
Cashmere is considered a fur…
Spandex is a synthetic fiber that can
stretch up to 500% - swimwear, underwear,
athletic wear
Linen is made from the flax plant
Silkworms wrap themselves in silk
envelopes called cocoons, which is where
the silk fiber comes from
What are the two primary methods for
making fibers into fabrics?
What is the synthetic textile process in
which solid raw materials are dissolved by
chemicals and melted with heat to form a
liquid which is forced through a
spinneret?(much like forcing through a
metal strainer)
Name 4 natural fibers. State some
advantages and disadvantages.
Name some properties of fibers that give
fabrics their characteristics:
Match the following terms:
Invented the cotton gin
Invented the loom
Made from 2 sets of yarns – one
lengthwise and one crosswise
Made from 1 set of yarns
looping together in same
Unit of measurement used to
identify the thickness or
diameter of fibers
Eli Whitney
Joseph Jacquard
Explain the differences between knits
and weaves:

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