Production and Management Technology of Chili Pepper Prepared

Production and Management
Technology of Chili Pepper
Prepared by
Md J Meagy
Usha Rani Palaniswamy
Chili pepper: Introduction
S/N - Capsicum annuum L.
Family - Solanacae
Temperate annual plant
Use as fruits and spicy vegetables
Chili pepper: Usages & Health
Culinary uses
Medicinal: Arthritis pain, diabetic neuropathy, & headaches
High amounts of vit C, carotene (provit A), vit B, & vit B6
Very high in K and high in Mg and Fe
Source: USDA Nutrient database
Chili pepper: Varieties
1. Mild - e.g. Hole Mole hybrid
2. Warm - eg. Busillis
3. Medium - eg. Gold spike
4. Hot - eg. Cayenne purple
5. Very Hot - eg. Assam
Chili pepper: Production
Soil - Loam or silt loam with good WHC
Temperature - Day temperature between 20 to
30°C, night temperature about 10 to 16oC
Fertilization – Usually 100 lb urea, 40 lb P2O5, and
60 lb K2O per acre
Irrigation – Furrow or drip irrigation recommended
Chili pepper: Production
Soil temperature for germination: 28°C
Growth & Development: 16oC, preferred
Soil pH: 5.5 to 6.8
No. of plants/acre: About 14,500 transplants
Chili pepper: Production
Depth of seedlings: 1 to 2˝
Spacing:12" apart within & 18" betn rows
Seed rate: 0.5 to 2 lb/acre
Days required to grow: 60 to 100 days
Chili pepper: Insect pests
(Nasonovia ribisnigri)
(Caliothrips fasciatus)
Army worms
(Spodoptera exigua)
Broad mites
(Polyhagotarsonemus latus)
Management : Crop rotation, parasitic wasp
& spraying insecticides or miticides
Chili pepper: Diseases
Bacterial leaf spot
(Xanthomonas campestris
pv vesicatoria)
(Collectotrichum spp.)
Cercospora Leaf Spot
(Cercospora capsici)
(TSW virus)
-Use resistant varieties, fungicides, crop
rotation & well drained soil
Chili pepper: Harvest
Hand harvest either green or red mature stage
Use gloves and avoid touching eyes
Firsts ready to harvest at 65 to 80 DAT
Wash in chlorinated water of 75 to 100 PPM Cl
Yields 300 to 3,000 boxes per acres (red ripen)
Lettuce: Post harvest
Packaging- Loose packed in 10 lbs boxes
Storage temp & RH – 45 to 55 oF (7 to 13oC)
& RH of 90 to 95%.
Drying– Solar dryers; in oven for 8 hours at
Prof. Allen V Barker
Usha Rani Palaniswamy
Lyle E Craker
Md J Meagy

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