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Presentation Template
 Please use the following PowerPoint to create your
club’s presentation.
 Follow the template given in the following slides.
 You are free to change the background, add pictures,
more slides, or other relevant information.
 Budget MUST be emailed to me before you are allowed
to present.
 You may email me the PowerPoint or simply bring it to
your presentation on a flash drive.
 Email Katelyn Dahlke at [email protected]
Student Organization Name
President: Name and E-mail
Treasurer: Name, E-mail, and
phone number
Club Overview
Explain the basics of the club.
Reallocation Request
What funds you did not use from last semester
What you plan to do with funds
What is the activity
Who does it involve
When does it occur/last until
Where does it happen
How will you fund the additional amount
Priority #
Title of Project/Activity
What is the activity
Who does it involve
When does it occur/last until
Where does it happen
Why are you asking for money
How will you fund the additional amount
Priority # & Request
Explain Sources of Revenue
Allocation Request
Insert Overview Table
of Amounts

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