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Sexual Health Services/GUM Project
Marian Martin
Project Manager
Telephone 02868628403
Co-operation and Working Together
(CAWT) is a partnership between the
Republic of Ireland’s Health Service
Executive Dublin North East and West,
and Northern Ireland’s Western and
Southern Health and Social Care Trusts,
the Health and Social Care Board and the
Public Health Agency Northern Ireland
History of CAWT
The CAWT partnership was formally
established by the signing of the
Ballyconnell Agreement in 1992 and
encompasses the border counties of
Donegal, Derry/Londonderry, Sligo,
Cavan, Leitrim, Fermanagh, Tyrone,
Monaghan, Armagh and Louth
History of CAWT
Under INTERREG IIIA, CAWT managed funds in
the region of 10.45m Euro/£6.74m for 37 cross
border Health and Social Care projects and a
further 7 projects to the value of 1.57m
Euro/£1.08m under Peace II funds
These projects involved the co-operation of
many statutory/voluntary and community
stakeholders from the border region and brought
significant benefits to the resident population
(captured in The CAWT Story: 2003 and 2008)
The Aims of CAWT
CAWT’s aim is to improve the health and
social well-being of the resident population
of the border area, through practical cross
border projects
How CAWT Delivers It’s Objectives
CAWT facilitates the partner organisations
to work collaboratively in order to achieve
the best possible health and social care
outcomes for the population of the border
area in Ireland
Pre-Existing Sexual Health/GUM
Prior to the CAWT project, services
available to people in the NE and NW of
Ireland for diagnosis, treatment and
prevention of sexually transmitted
infections (STIs) were inadequate or non
Pre Project Situation
Many people had to travel to specialist
clinics in Dublin, Derry/Londonderry,
Belfast or Daisy Hill Hospital in Newry to
access specialist GUM services
Funding for new Sexual Health/
GUM services
The Departments of Health in
both jurisdictions in Ireland
and the CAWT partner
organisations have been
successful in attracting EU
INTERREG IVA funds for this
project in order to deliver
sexual health services in the
border region
Project Management
The project is managed in the following
way: The project chairperson has overall
responsibility for the success of the project
 The project board has responsibility for
internal project assurance
 The project manager has overall
responsibility for the successful delivery of
all the products developed during the life
of the project
Project Management Methodology
The PRINCE 2 project management
methodology is used as the planning,
delivery and reporting mechanism for all
project activity
New Services
The new STI services are delivered by a
multidisciplinary team of health
professionals in a location which is
convenient to the patient so far as is
The Multidisciplinary Team
The service is led by a specialist
consultant physician and delivered by
sessional doctors, nurses, secretarial /
administrative staff and in some cases a
sexual health promotion officer
Improving Access for Patients
In the North East of the 26 counties GUM
services will be delivered at Our Lady of
Lourdes Hospital Drogheda, and are now
being delivered at Louth County Hospital
Dundalk, and Monaghan Hospital
Improving Access for Patients
In the North West of the 26 counties
services are now delivered in Letterkenny
General Hospital. This complements the
pre-existing STI clinic which runs in Sligo
General Hospital
Improving Access for Patients in
Northern Ireland
The developments in the NE and NW
regions of the 26 counties are
complemented by additional services
which are now provided at Altnagelvin
Hospital Derry/Londonderry, as well as at
Daisy Hill Hospital Newry and new STI
services which are provided in the Omagh
Hospital by a similar multidisciplinary team
of staff
Sexual Health Services in SHSCT
Additional sexual health clinics
commenced in Daisyhill Hospital Newry on
6th October 2009. The SHSCT
contribution to the CAWT project officially
ended on 31st December 2011. It was
extremely successful. The additional staff
member there funded through the project
dealt with 1,271 new clients in the life of
the project. The additional services in
SHSCT are now mainstreamed
New Sexual Health Services in
 Clinics in Derry/Londonderry have increased from 6 per
week to 12 (includes outreach clinics)
 The additional clinics at Anderson House Altnagelvin
Hospital have been running since 04/10/2010
 An outreach clinic in Magee Campus UU commenced on
 A completely new clinic commenced in Tyrone County
Hospital Omagh OPD on 17/11/10
 The telephone number for appointments in WHSCT area
is:- 02871 611269
 As at end of March 2012 - 2,343 new pts have been
seen in WHSCT as a result of the CAWT project
New Sexual Health Services in HSE
A sexual health clinic started in Letterkenny
General Hospital for the first time on 29th
September 2011 and runs each Thursday
evening from 5.30pm until 9.00pm.
The telephone number for getting appointments
is:- 0749123715
As at the end of March 2012 - 193 new
patients have been seen in Letterkenny
New Sexual Health Services in HSE
The sexual health clinic in Monaghan hospital
started on 6th December 2011 and runs each
Tuesday morning from 9 am - 12.30
The clinic in Louth County hospital started on
17th February and runs each Friday afternoon
from 1.30pm – 5pm and
The clinic in OLOL Drogheda will run on Friday
mornings as soon as full staff are in post
The telephone number for appointments for the
clinics in the HSE DNE region is:- 0868241847
As at the end of March 2012 – 98 new
patients have been seen in HSE DNE
What the Service Provides
FREE Rapid access to specialist
 diagnostic
 preventative
 treatment and
 counselling services for people with sexually
transmitted infections (STIs)
Urgent advice to people who are pregnant who
have STIs
Health promotion in relation to safer sex
These specialist services are delivered within the parameters of clinical
management guidelines
Confidentiality and Anonymity
Services for people with STIs are of a highly
sensitive nature
All electronic and other records are subject to
the Data Protection Act 1998 N I/2003 in RoI
All employees are subject to the policies and
procedures relating to records management and
confidentiality of their employing organisation
A coding system for personal identifiers is used
Patient Choice
Patients with STIs now have the choice to
attend an STI clinic on either side of the
border at a location convenient to them
As at the end of March 2012 a total of
3,905 new patients have been seen
across the CAWT project sites
1,917 people have been trained by the
sexual health promotion officer
Patient Choice is enhanced through the
establishment of more accessible clinics
The Investment in Prevention, Early
Diagnosis and Treatment will provide not
only significant health benefits for the
indigenous population but also significant
cost savings to the entire health service in
both jurisdictions
Publicising the additional/new clinics
 * CAWT Communications
and publicity plan
* Via CAWT Communications Group
* Internal communication (memos, intranet etc) and
external publicity (press releases, radio interviews, posters etc)
* Officially launch of additional / new services
* Collaborative, cross border approach to
* Ensures EU publicity and information
requirements are met
Co-operation and Working Together
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