FSM .NET - Alaska Association of Harbormasters and Port

Marina Management Software
Microsoft .NET Advantages
 Extends deployment options for business apps
 Software developer uses same knowledge and skills for
Windows, web and mobile device apps
 .NET Framework apps are managed by Windows
 Bad behavior that causes crashes is eliminated
 Compatibility with Windows workstation and server software
is guaranteed
 Windows 7 and Server 2008 R2 64-bit compatibility
 Windows Mobile apps are managed by .NET Compact
Framework and use the SQL Server compact edition
 Moves the most amount of data using the least bandwidth
for efficient use of LAN and WAN infrastructure
Main Benefits of Marina
Management Software
 Harbor management information
 Interactive graphical marina view
 Handheld computer data collection
 Lookups without needing to run reports
 Sorting and filtering on reports to narrow results
 Automated billing
 Recurring charges
 e-Statements
 Electricity meter reading
 Contract management
 Account payoffs by charging stored credit cards
 Account payoffs by debiting checking accounts
Main Benefits continued
 Customer deposit management
 Robust accounting
 Instant aging of customer accounts upon lookup
 Exporting data to central accounting system
 Handling of customer requests and marina maintenance
 Interaction with Microsoft Office for communicating with
Word MailMerge
Main Benefits continued
 Waiting list management
 Harbor equipment maintenance
 Access control system credential management

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