New Mexico`s Common Core State Standard`s RFP Process

New Mexico’s Common Core State
Standards RFP Process
NGSS Annual Meeting
February 18, 2014
Karina Vanderbilt
Policy Program Manager
CCSS Implementation Timeline
Formation of
October RFP
January 2013
Provider selected
Year I (Jan-June)
CCSS Implementation K-12
Year II
Year III
New Mexico Common Core
Professional Development Program
• Solution Tree and Knowledge Delivery Systems
• Virtual and in-person
• Optional to schools and districts
Year I
• January 2013- June 2013
• $775,000 contract
• 2,554 educators trained
Year II
• June 2013- June 2014
• $1.5 million contract
• 1,195 educators being trained
Year I Structure: “Pick and Choose”
Designing Coalition
Common Core Mentors
* 180-person, representative of all grade levels and geographic regions of
the state
* 4-day intensive workshop with Lisa Carter on March 4-7- Total
Instructional Alignment
*Strategically located throughout NM
* Five mentors on-site two days /month in schools, districts or regional
cooperatives /centers as determined by PED and Guiding Coalition (total of
56 days per contract)
* Continuing work with five Common Core Mentors; 2 days/month
GOAL: to create state-wide processes and materials for implementation of
the CCSS and assessments with rigor and relevance for ALL students
(including SWD, ELL and GT)
*Provide approximately 40 hours of virtual coaching between on-site visits
GOAL: to work with Designing Coalition in the development of lessons, units,
and formative assessments for all K-12 students aligned to UBD and the CCSS
Guiding Coalition
50 representatives of taskforces &
working groups
In-Person PD
Meetings in February, March, June
Virtual PD
Provides guidance on
implementation of the PD program
& alignment to other NM initiatives
* Online course in CCSS in Math (45+ hours)
* 2-day CCSS in ELA workshop (150 participants) - March 14 & 15, 2013
* Online course in CCSS in ELA (45+ hours)
* 2-day CCSS in Math workshop (150 participants) -March 14 & 15, 2013
* 5-part webinar series for Leaders
* 2-day Drilling Deeper with CCSS Institute (750 participants) - June 24 & 25,
* 2-part webinar on CCSS with ELLs
* 4-day Intensive workshop for Designing Coalition & Mentors (180
participants) - March 4-7, 2013
* On-site coaching by five Regional CCSS mentors (56 in-person days)
* 2-part webinar on CCSS with SWD
* 2-part webinar on CCSS in Secondary Math
* Webinar on Differentiating for GT
* Webinar on Integrating Rigor & Relevance into Instruction
*Virtual Coaching by Regional CCSS Mentors
Year II Structure: Team Approach
• Common Core PD Teams participate in all
aspects of the program
• Districts each have their own PD Team, micro
districts are joined together to form a PD
Team (620 educators total)
• 72 districts participating (81% of all districts)
• 38 charters participating (40% of all charters)
Year II Structure
• PD consists of:
– Leadership Summit for Common Core Leads at each
– Secondary Summit for secondary teachers
– 4 two day mentoring sessions in their region by CCSS
– EL Support Program for selected districts with regional
trainings, a summit workshop, and online course
– Webinars
– Online courses for all CCSS PD Team Members
– Online courses for whole schools to participate in
RFP Considerations
• Limited funding
• Accessibility of
development for rural
• Support for special
student populations
RFP Considerations
• Continuous support model
• Leadership training
• Program evaluation
• Project Management
• Deeper, more focused
• Emphasis on regional mentoring with classroom
• Leadership training for administrators
• Develop pilot showcase schools
• Use online courses for schools who want to do a
whole faculty approach
• Connecting across initiatives
• Karina Vanderbilt
[email protected]
Thank You

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