The French and Indian War- Fab

The French and
Indian War
Chapter 3
Section 4
O Do Now: Look at the map on page 87 in your
text book. Answer questions 1&2
O Obj:
O Trace development of French-British rivalry
O Summarize French and Indian War
O Effects of the war on relation with the
O HW: Pg 92 Main Ideas # 1-8
O New France
O George Washington
O French and Indian War
O William Pitt
O Pontiac
O Proclamation of 1763
O George Grenville
O Sugar Act
Rivals for an Empire
O France’s North American Empire:
O 1608 Quebec is founded; first permanent
French colony in North America
O French priests and fur traders spread
throughout the heart of the continent
O 1682 French claims entire Mississippi Valley
and calls it Louisiana; after King Louis XIV
French and British Colonies
O French Colonies
O British Colonies
O Fur Traders/ priests
O Families
O Catholic
O Puritan
O No desire to build
O Established
towns and cities
O Friendly relations
with N.A.
O Created military
O Constant conflicts
with N.A.
French and Indian War
O Early French Victories:
O British General Braddock and young 22-year old
office George Washington wanted to push the
French out of the Ohio Valley
O 1,500 men approached Fort Duquense
O French army and N.A. allies ambushed them
O British army had never seen an enemy fight like
O British fled the battle
O George Washington questions the might of the
British army…..
French and Indian War
O Pitt and the Iroquois:
O William Pitt – young enthusiastic politician
put in charge of British army in 1757
O Under Pitt British gain Iroquois as allies
O September of 1759 the British with the
Iroquois sack Quebec..
O Victory in the war soon to follow
French and Indian War Ends
O French and Indian War ends in 1763 with
Treaty of Paris
O Britain gains all land in North America east
of Mississippi
O Spain gets all land west of Mississippi
The Colonies and Britain Grow
O Proclamation of 1763
O Est. colonists border along the Appalachian
O To keep from continued problems with N.A.
Britain banned settlers from moving west
O Could not enforce; settlers continued to move
in the frontier
O Colonists believe the Britain does not care
about their needs…..
The Colonists and Britain
Grow Apart
O Britain doubled national debt during F&I War
O George Grenville passed the Sugar Act in
O Sugar Act:
O 1) halved duty on foreign-made molasses
O 2) More taxes on imports
O 3) Strengthened the law against smuggling
O Soon feelings of dissatisfaction would swell
into outright rebellion……
O What Native American tribe allied with the
British during the French and Indian War?
O Iroquois
O What new law restricted colonial movement
west of the Appalachian Mountains?
O Proclamation of 1763
O What treaty ended the French and Indian
O Treaty of Paris

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