“It’s not knowledge but
the act of learning.”
Carl F Gauss
By Jacob Maschmann,
Jacob Johnson,
Britney Scheetz
Biography of Carl F Gauss
 Born in Brunswick, Germany
 Died February 23 1855
 Was born into a poor family
 He had two wife’s and six kids
 The duke of Brunswick financially supported him in his
 Gauss studied at 3 different colleges and universities
Biography (Continued)
Published over 150 works
Loved doing math
Earned doctorate from University of Helmstedt
in 1799
Took up many different careers throughout his
Math contributions
Advanced modular arithmetic(system of
integer arithmetic)system with different
number bases.
Discovered every integer can be
representable by three triangular numbers
More math contributions
Developed least squares fitting method. A
procedure for finding the best fitting curves to
a given set of points
Even More Math contributions
Conjectured the prime number theorem, that gives
a good understanding of how the prime numbers
aare distributed among the integers
Gauss proved the fundamental theorem of algebra
which states that every non-constant single
variable polynomial with one complex co-efficients
has at least one complex root
Famous Quotes of Carl F Gauss
“ God does arithmetic”
It is not knowledge, but the act of learning,
not possession but the act of getting there,
which grants the greatest enjoyment
Mathematicians stand on each others
* In 1807 he was was appointed director of the
Gottingen observatory
* Number theory was Gauss’s first and greatest love
* Did not decide to become mathematician until
age 17, when he solved a problem that hadnt been
solved for 2,000 years
More Facts
o First to prove the fundamental theorem of
algebra that every polynomial with real or
complex coefficient has at least one root gave
four different proofs during his life
o He was pictured on the german tenmark bill
o He had to calculate his own birthdate
Even More Facts
Discovered Ceres the largest asteroid orbiting
the sun
His second wife was his first wife’s best friend
He had only 1 frend at his university
Insisted on complete proof of his work before
publishing it
Where you see his math now
 In text books
 Classrooms
 In all the books that he published (over 150 works)
 Mr.Fricke’s room
He had 5 jobs throughout
his life
He was called by 5 names
 Thought of as the prince of
Research sites
The End

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