King Edward VI College

King Edward VI College
Evening for parents of new students
First, some introductions…
A new beginning
Greater autonomy
More choices
New friends
New teachers
Self organisation
Self discipline
Support from home and college
Our contract with you
To take care of our students and treat them
as individuals
To provide an outstanding education
To enable students to reach their full
To investigate all complaints or concerns
To tell you what’s going on!
Students’ contract with us
Observe our rules and expectations of
Full and punctual attendance
Respect others
Take responsibility for own behaviour
Commitment to study
Participate in college life
Helping others
Getting involved
Having fun
What do students themselves say
about their experiences at King
The rules
Mutual respect and common sense
 Zero tolerance of drugs and alcohol
 Zero tolerance of bullying
 No smoking on campus
 No “visitors” on campus
 Full attendance
Timetable (1)
 8.45am
– 4.00pm (3.40pm Wed/Fri)
 Lunchtime:
12.50pm – 1.40pm
Timetable (2)
Year 12: 4 subjects at AS level
 Year 13: 3 of the subjects plus General
 Modular structure with chance to retake
 Key Skills
 Enrichment
 Tutorial
The student journey
…you have to remember that most of
our students don’t come to us as A
Level students; they are young people
who have just finished their GCSEs. We
have to help them become A Level
Bill Laurie
Educational Maintenance Allowance
Replaced by 16-19 Bursary Fund
Some young people eligible for £1200 year
Others eligible for contributions to the cost of
travel, trips and visits, equipment etc
Based on household income
Application form and criteria on college website
in mid-July
How is the college organised?
Senior Management Team
 Cross college managers
 Faculties
Business and Social Science
Literature, Languages and
Creative Arts
Mathematics and Science
Success through support (1)
Who’s there to help?
In faculties
Subject Teacher
Subject Leader
Personal Tutor
Lead Tutor
Head of Faculty
Success through support (2)
Across the college
Learning support and study
Careers/HE advice
Work/Schools Experience
Student Union and
pastoral/subject mentors
Counselling/other agencies
Success through support (3)
How will I know what’s going on?
Assessments posted and
available online
Profiling and reports
Consultation evenings
Settling in
Practical issues
 Travel
and travel time
 Clothes
 “What
will it be like?”
 “Will
I cope?”
 “I won’t know anyone!”
 “Everyone’s better than me.”
What will happen in Induction?
Welcomed at the gates
 Student/staff helpers
 Arrival by 9am in tutor base
 Welcome by the Principal and other
 Subject sessions
 Advice and guidance re subject
 Meet new friends!
What next?
Letter from College in August
 GCSE results late August
 Bring results slip on Induction II Friday 2
 Year 12 only in Wed 7 September
 Year 12 later start 10.05am Thursday 8
Opportunities to get involved
 Trips and visits
 Governors

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