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National Board Certification
A Symbol of Excellence in Teaching
Linda Bauld, NBCT
Director, National Board Resource Center
Stanford University
[email protected]
Wireless login NBIntro1 Password: Goforexcellence
Goal: To understand about NB Certification, what is
required to certify, where to get help, and be able to
decide if it’s right for you
All About Becoming an NBCT
Small Group Discussion-Review the Five Core
Whole Group Discussion- Component 2 activity and
small group discussion about lesson, review writing
Small Group Certificate Groups Discussion- review
standards, and Component 2
Discussion of Component 1, field test opportunity,
support, and questions
•What is National Board Certification?
Rigorous, high standards, created by teachers, scored
by teachers
Over 100,000 NBCTs since 1992
37 states recognize National Board certification as
a complete credential
A network of accomplished teachers who are
taking leadership roles and affecting policy
Develop, recognize, and retain accomplished
•Why Pursue NB Certification?
• Impacts
student learning
• Collaboration with accomplished colleagues
• Integrate Common Core standards
• Opportunity to clarify and affirm your practice
• Changes the school culture
• Being an NBCT opens doors
• Increased compensation
• Continuing education quarter units
• Change our profession!
• Bachelor’s degree
• Three years of teaching/ counseling
• Valid state or school counseling license (or
you have taught where a license is not
required and the school is approved by the
• Questions about eligibility call (800) 22TEACH
Four Components: Three years
For 2014-15 may decide to complete Component 1 and/or 2.
Each component costs $475.
Component 1 (Available 2014-2015)
Content Knowledge assessment-computer based assessment 3 exercises,
50 multiple choice
Component 2 (Available 2014-2015)
Differentiation in Instruction- identical to the current entry 1. Involves
analyzing student work and differentiating instruction
Component 3 (Available 2015-2016)
Teaching Practice and Learning Environment -video entry
Component 4 (Available 2016-2017)
Effective and Reflective Practitioner -similar to current entry 4
From Guide to National Board Certification
Why the Change ?
Goal: Open NB Certification to more teachers without lowering the rigor
2014-15, 2015-16, AND 2016-17
Had to finish everything
in one year
• $2,500
• 10 scored items: 4
portfolio entries,
Assessment Center--6
More options for
educators, three years to
• Less expensive, $475 per
• 4 scored items: 3 portfolio
entries, Assessment
Center– 3 exercises and
50 multiple choice
• Same standards and rigor
Quick Write
• Think
of a lesson you recently taught and
describe it.
• Explain the goal and why it was important
• Describe the instructional strategies you used
and why.
• Were your students successful? How do you
Five Core Propositions
Proposition 1: Teachers are committed to students and
• Equitable
• Understand how students learn
• Respect cultural and family differences
• Concerned with their students’ self concept
• Develop character and civic responsibility
Proposition 2: Teachers know the subjects they teach
and how to teach those subjects to their students
Mastery over content taught
• Deep understanding of subject
• Skilled and experienced with content
• Familiar with common misconceptions
• Utilize diverse instructional startegies
Proposition 3: Teachers are Responsible for Managing
and Monitoring Student Learning.
Deliver effective instruction
• Keep students motivated, engaged and focused
• Ensure a learning environment
• Organize instruction to meet goals
• Assess individual students and class
• Measure student growth and understanding
• Clearly explain student performance to parents
Proposition 4: Teachers Think Systematically about
Their Practice and Learn from Experience.
Model being an educated person – they read,
question, create, and try new things
• Know learning theories and
instructional strategies
• Current with issues in American education
• Deepen knowledge
• Expand repertoire of skills
• Incorporate new findings
Proposition 5: Teachers are Members of Learning
• Lead
• Build partnerships
• Inform instructional policy
• Evaluate school progress
• Collaborate with parents
1. Look over the Five Core Propositions at
2. Highlight anything that jumps out
3. Share any discoveries or questions
with a partner
Component 2: Differentiation in Instruction
Involves analyzing student work and making instructional
changes that increase student learning. Allowed 12 pages of
Writing for National Board involves description, analysis, and
reflection. It is NOT research writing, doesn’t have to be wellwritten, must show clear, concise, consistent evidence of
accomplished teaching.
Assignment: Review handout and working at your table,
discuss the questions.
•Certificate Areas and Standards
Next Step: Break into Certificate Groups
Choose your
certificate area
• http://www.boa
Look over the
Standards Overview or
Standards Statements
• Highlight anything that
surprises you
From Guide to National Board Certification
How to Find Your Component 2 Instructions
Go to the old portfolio instructions
Click on your certificate area
Scroll down to “Portfolio Instructions”. Click on (Your certificate
area) Portfolio Instructions i.e. MC/ Generalist Portfolio
Instructions. Do not click on “General Portfolio Instructions.”
Now scroll past about 5-7 pages until you find Entry 1: and the
title of that entry. These are the instructions for your
Component 2. They will eventually be moved over to the site.
Look through the questions and task
•Component 1- Content Knowledge
Field testing is starting now. Please sign up to do a field test
assessment of the new Component 1. It’s an amazing
opportunity to test out your content knowledge without the
Sign up at
It’s free, you get to experience a Pearson Testing Center, and
you help the profession
You don’t receive any scores, but you do get a first-hand view of
what your Component 1 will be.
What Support is Available?
Ask for release time Join a support network
Get colleagues to join
Limit outside
CTA (s
Connect with
teachers in NB
Google Groups
Plan out your plan
How to Books
District support
What Support is Available at
6+ Saturdays
Mentored with
support providers
Work in groups to
read each other’s
• Cost: $400 first year, $200 for each year afterpayment due in October
• Up to 10 continuing education quarter units
EACH year for a cost of $75 total EACH year.
• Register at
Decision Time!
Don’t go back
and forth!
Decide today!
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