Using Write-N-Cite 4 - Creighton University

Write-N-Cite 4
Creighton University Libraries
Spring 2015
Downloading Write-N-Cite
Select the appropriate version of
Write-N-Cite 4 to download based on
your computer and version of Word.
32-bit or 64-bit?
Initial Login
1. Open MS Word and click on RefWorks:
2. Then click on Log In:
Copy & paste the
login code.
You do not need
the Group Code.
Syncing Your Database
• Automatically syncs with your RefWorks
account on your initial login
• If you’ve added references or changed data in
your account, you will need to manually sync
your account.
Inserting Citations
Select your citation style in the drop-down Style box.
Add a citation style to
Write-N-Cite by going
into Output Style
Manager in RefWorks.
Select a style from the list on the left & add it to
your favorites. Sync your Write-N-Cite account
in Word & the new style will appear as an option.
Inserting Citations
Inserting Citations
Options for accessing references:
• Folder List
• Reference List
• Search
Inserting Citations
Select the reference
Edit the reference
(if needed)
Preview the reference
Add or remove
multiple references for
the same citation.
Insert the reference
Inserting Bibliography
The bibliography will be inserted
wherever your cursor is located.
Notice the mistake!
ALWAYS double check the accuracy of your citations.
Modifying Citations
• Double-click on a citation to
open the edit box.
• Highlight the citation in blue
and delete.
Removing & Replacing:
• Double-click the citation you
wish to replace.
• In the Insert/Edit Citation box
select replacing citation and
click OK.
Updating your
• Select “Preferences” in the
ribbon then click “Reapply”
Additional “how to” instructions are available
from the Health Sciences Library website:

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