Learning Environments PowerPoint Presentation

Creating a Positive
Learning Environment
Darbey, Katherine, Jessica, and Chelsey
Routines and Procedures
Procedures and routines describe how
activities are accomplished in classroom.
Routines should be established to cover the
following areas:
1. Administrative Routines
2. Student movement
3. Housekeeping
4. Lesson-running routines
5. Interactions between teacher and students
6. Talk among students
Rule: statements specifying expected and
forbidden behaviors
-Dos & Don’ts
-Written and posted
-Consider your atmosphere
-Consistent with school rules
Rules in the
Elementary Classroom
1. Respect and be polite to all people
2. Be prompt and prepared
3. Listen quietly while others are speaking
4. Obey all school rules
Note: Students should be taught the
behaviors the the rule includes and
-Must be taught before rules get broken
-“Do it right”
-7 categories
Who sets them?
-Sense of community
-Teacher, Students, or Both?
Effective Vs. Ineffective Teachers
Effective Teachers:
Are well organized from day one
Dealt with the student’s pressing concerns first
o Ex. “Where do I put my things?”
Are explicit about their expectations
Had workable, easily understood set of rules
Taught rules with lots of explanation, examples, and
Effective Vs. Ineffective Teachers
Ineffective Teachers:
Classrooms were more disruptive and less on task
Let students wander around the room aimlessly
Rules were not workable
Rules were too vague or very complicated
Frequently left the room
Become absorbed in paperwork and were disorganized

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