By Kaitlyn Huber
Hour 4
About my element
My elements symbol is Kr
The Atomic Number is 36
The Atomic Mass 83.80
The # of protons and electrons are 36
Phases and Points
• Krypton’s melting point is -157.2
• Its boiling point is -153.4
• Its normal state of matter at room
temperature is a gas.
• Krypton has a nonmetal classification.
Cost and Families
• The cost for 100g is $33.
• My element belongs to the noble gas family.
• The origin of the name is from the Greek word
Kryptos meaning hidden.
• It was discovered by Sir William Ramsay.
Interesting facts
• Krypton is considered to be nontoxic.
• Krypton is colorless but when it is in a solid
state it is white and crystalline.
• There are few compounds that have been
formed with it like Krypton(2) fluoride and
krypton clathrates.
More Interesting Facts
• Krypton is used is lighting materials.
• An important use is in high powered, flashing
airport runway lights.
• Also It is used as a filling gas for energy saving
fluorescent lights.

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