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Scottish Stakeholder Event
1 July 2010
Developing Practice
INTRODUCTION by John A Cromarty
Member of the Scottish Pharmacy Board
Director of Pharmacy, NHS Highland
 Engage
Scottish stakeholders in
developing practice
 Consider specific needs in Scotland
around developing and advancing
pharmacy practice in all sectors
 Consider means of consistent
assessment and credentialing
Why develop practice?
Society and patients need better, safer care;
more cost-effective drug therapy
 Other HCPs are developing their practice and
competing for therapeutic territory
 There is no consistency within, or crossaccreditation of PG pharmacy courses
 Pharmacists in Scotland must not be
disadvantaged by career credential
developments in the rest of the UK
 Enable a limited pharmacy workforce to work
better across specialties and sectors
 Enhance staff recruitment and retention
 Maintain pace within a period of rapid change
“What has and is changing?”
 New
 New technologies
 New regulations
 New contracts/services
 New roles
 New opportunities
 New UK Government
 New Regulator (GPhC)
 New Professional Body
What impedes developing, sharing
and adoption of good practice?
“The march of the human mind is slow” (Edmund Burke)
Vested interests
Lack of shared vision
Lack of leadership
Lack of an enabling structure/framework
Lack of commitment
“What can we do about this?”
 Create
an enabling framework
to advance practice
 Introduce some measure of
consistency of approach
and uniform standards of
competency for advanced
practice across branches
of the profession and across
healthcare sectors
 What has been done to date?
Background (>5 years)
Advanced & Consultant Level
Competency Framework,
edition (CoDEG*, 2005)
 Framework for Pharmacist
Development in General
Pharmacy Practice, 2nd edition (*CoDEG, 2007)
 National Framework for Pharmacists with
Special Interests (DoH, 2006)
 Regulation of Advanced Practice in Pharmacy
Report by Advanced & Specialist Practice
Task & Finish Group (DoH/RPSGB, 2009)
 Advanced & Specialist Practice Project, renamed
“Developing Practice” (RPSGB, 2009-2010)
*(CoDEG = Competency Development & Evaluation Group)
Advancing Practice through Scotland’s
Community Pharmacy Contract
The 4 Core Services
This is a contractual framework
for endorsing and advancing
pharmacy practice and patient
care in the community.
It evolved logically from CRAG
guidance on pharmaceutical
care in the community and
relevant associated R & D in
Scotland in the 1990s, and then
the model schemes.
The New Pharmaceutical Care Services Contract (2006)
Advancing Practice in Scotland’s
Oncology Pharmacy Services
 Aseptic
dispensing external audits
 Pharmaceutical care planning
 Capacity planning exercise
 Adoption of new technologies
 Electronic & pharmacist prescribing
 Horizon scanning & (IPTRs)
 BOPA / SOPPG/ Regional Networks
What do we want from you today?
 We
will give you some background and
some thoughts from the front on
developing practice and a possible
structure for RPS credentialing
 We want your thoughts, suggestions,
concerns, and aspirations (professional
and personal) – anything goes!
--------------------------------------------------------Nothing is in tablets of stone at this stage!

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