Product/Service Name:
Team Leader:
Faculty / Research Alliance:
Mobile Tel:
Customer & Need Identification
• Who is or are the potential customer(s)
– There may be more than one type of customer - please identify as
many as you are targeting
– Be as specific as possible, give examples
• What is the important customer need
– Customer’s problem / want / need
– Why is it important?
– How does this change with different types or sets of customers?
Customer Value
• Customer Value Proposition
– Why customer will be compelled to buy from you
– What is the sense of customer urgency? Why now?
• Quantify the value
– Customer benefits per cost
– Equalize the value / price equation
– Quantification CVP examples:
• Cost efficiency – how much costs are reduced
• Faster – how much faster than alternatives
• Better – quality improvement over other options
Market Analysis
• How big is the market (units, sales, revenue)
– How many potential customers?
– Market size - in volume: units, sales or revenue
– What is the geography you will serve: Malaysia, SE Asia, other
• Market trends
– Is the market stable, growing or shrinking?
Product/Service Description
• Key features & capabilities
• How does this address the customer’s needs?
• Product/Invention status (how developed is your product?)
Proof of concept
Prototype or model - lab scale
Prototype or pilot – in customer operation
Commercial production plant, industrial model
Market Competition
• What is the competition today
– What alternatives are used by customers today?
• Market approach
– New market, penetration of existing market or replacement of
– Why will a customer buy from you instead of a competitor?
• Competitive Comparison
– Do internet search
– Talk with potential partners or customers
– Develop a matrix comparing 3-4 alternatives to your product/ service
Competitive Strategies
• Sustainable competitive advantage
– Shelf life of the product/service ?
– Over time how will you protect & grow business, i.e. cost differentiation,
niche strategy, product differentiation (continued development), other
• IP Protection:
– Do you have one or more patents on your idea?
– Please describe them briefly
– What is the patent strength ?
Technology Plan
• Sustainable technology road map being proposed for the
– What new features & capabilities will be developed
– When will new capabilities be available
Management Plan
• Team
– Who are the current key team members? [provide some background]
– Who are your current business/industry advisors?
– What are the key holes, roles you need to fill?
• Team’s activities & motivation to commercialise the invention
Business Model
• How does the business get money, generate revenue? For
License to partners
Produce product/service to sell through partners
Produce product/service to sell direct
Financial Plan
Expense Forecast (Operations)
Revenue Forecast (Income, sales)
Start-up costs
Staffing needs & costs
Sales per year
Revenue per year (if different from sales)
Cost of Goods Sold
Expected cost to produce one “unit” (parts, labor, supplies, etc.)
[Provide quarterly forecast for years 1 & 2 and annual forecast for years 3 & 4]
Funding Plan
• Current Funding
– How have you been funded so far? Amount & sources
• Funding Requirements
– Show the amount required NOW
– How funding will be used (what will you do with the money - activities,
purpose, outcome?)
– What timeframe is needed to achieve these results (how long will this
• Further Funding Required
– What future funding requirements do you expect?
– How many more rounds of financing?
– For what type of activities/purpose/outcome?
Risks & Risk Mitigation
• What are the top 2-3 risks that you face
Technology development (i.e. scalability)
Competition (i.e. time to market, duplication, protection)
Customer acceptance (i.e. buyer)
Approval, certification requirements
• And how do you plan to address these risks?
Why invest in me
• Besides good ROI, demonstrate your:
• What’s the important customer need you are addressing?
• Why is your solution (product/service) better than the competition?
• Action Plan/Way Forward for this Project:
 Pursue for commercialization i.e. Find partners, develop pilot plant,
need private funding or Venture Capital
 Need for innovation value add i.e. Business Plan, Prototype
Development, Product testing/validation, Packaging
 Need further research i.e. Collect more data, time to complete the
research is > 6 months
• Request for: follow up meeting/permission to send more information
/arrange for demo/visitation to site, etc
• Acknowledge/thank for input

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