Project Jaguar

 ORION awarded government contract to build next
generation high-speed, light-rail trains
 High profile project- if successful, potential for other
government contracts
 Highly competitive- bidders have promised earlier
deadline, better quality, reliability, & lower cost
Project Manager: Mike Rosas
Problems facing ORION team:
 Lack of manufacturing design = higher cost than expected
 Reactive approach to quality management = quality issues
 Poor quality user manuals/technical documents = customer
support issues
 Matrix arrangement = lack of project ownership
 Lack of constraints on design engineers = scope creep
 Organization of Project Jaguar
 Efficiency improvements & maximized use of
 Project master plans
Organization of Project Jaguar
 Current model: matrix structure- can lead to:
 Higher costs
 Quality issues
 Lack of strong project ownership
Organization of Project Jaguar
 Solution: transition to dedicated team
 Advantages (Baker, 2009):
Customer and project focus
Fast communication
Problem solving and decision making
Increased cooperation between functions
Resources dedicated to team- saves time
Organization of Project Jaguar
 Alternative solution: hybrid team
 Some dedicated team members, some matrix, or
 Transition from dedicated team to matrix as project
 Clelland (1998) - “different management structures can be
applied at different phases of the project life cycle.”
Efficiency & Use of Resources
 Current resources allocated to similar projects by
 Project manager
 Planning and control manager
 Electronics system engineer
Efficiency & Use of Resources
 Suggested additions to project management staff to
increase overall efficiency:
 Quality manager
 ensure quality final project
 increase customer satisfaction and retention (Rose, 2005)
 Design/Production manager
 Oversee design engineers
 Create production schedule
 Design production line
Project Jaguar Master Plan
 ORION typically uses linear plan for product
development and launch
 Inefficient use of time and resources
 Moving suitable activities forward in timeline
maximizes time usage
 Building production line
 Documentation/training
 Changes made to project after our preliminary report:
 Half of each team dedicated to Project Jaguar
 3 manager positions added
 Suggested parts of master plan moved forward in
 Transition to a dedicated or hybrid project team will
simplify communication and teamwork to increase
 Addition of a quality manager and design/production
manager to the project leadership team can help streamline
the design and production process and increase the quality
of the product and customer service.
 Examination of master plan and coordinating parts of
project that can be done simultaneously improves
production and reduces overall timeline.
 Changes made for Project Jaguar can be applied to other
projects to increase ORION’s competitiveness.
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