Chef Ken Myska`s Powerpoint Presentation

A Healthy
Farm to Fork
Ken Myszka
Epiphany Farms
Hospitality Group
Our Earth Now
Environment (392.09 p.p.m. in 2009 and today, 399.47 p.p.m)
Nutrition (40% decrease in 4 decades)
Health (Over-fed, malnourished)
Flavor (Shipping Ability Focused)
Jeopardized Soil Health and Biological Activity
Our Earth Now..
Our food is not just deficient in
nutrient but becoming toxic.
Conventional vs. Organic
Know Thy Farmer
Who’s growing our food?
Some Farms Near Us
PrairiErth Farm (Atlanta, IL)
Ackerman Farm (Chenoa, IL)
South Pork Ranch (Chatsworth, IL)
Henry’s Farm (Congerville, IL)
Brown’s Fresh Produce (Bloomington, IL)
Dearing County Farm (Bloomington, IL)
Epiphany Farms Enterprise (Bloomington, IL)
Kilgus Farmsteas (Fairbury, IL)
Prairie Fruits Farm (Champaign, IL)
Spence Farm (Fairbury, IL)
Funks Grove Pure Maple Syrup (Shirley, IL)
Local Farms Supplying
Your Dinner Table
How do we get local, beyond organic food to our
families dinner table?
 Farmers
(Community Supported Agriculture)
 Grocery
 Restaurants
 Work
 Community
 Co-Ops
 Buying
Local Farmers Markets
Downtown Bloomington Farmers’ Market
(Sat. 7:30am – noon)
Uptown Normal Trailside Market
(Tue 3:30 - 6pm)
Downs Village Market
(Wed. 4 - 6pm)
Peoria Heights Farm Market
(Wed. 3:30 – 6:30pm)
Urbana’s Market at The Square
(Sat. 7am – noon)
Voting with your FORK!
Community Supported Agriculture
Henry’s Farm(Eureka, IL)
PrairiErth Farm (Atlanta, IL)
Browns Fresh Produce (Bloomington)
Dearing County Farms (Bloomington)
Prairie Fruits Farm & Creamery (Champaign)
Cook Farm (Bloomington, IL)
Sunny Lane / Teresa’s Fruit and Herb Farm
Trimbles Farm (Heyworth, IL)
Grocery Stores
 Organic
 Naturally Yours
 Fresh Market
 Common Ground
 Urbana Co-Op
 Green Top (Soon, with your support!)
Responsible Restaurants
 Station
Two Twenty
 Anju Above
 Medici
 Destihil
 Two Blokes and a Bus
 Harvest Café (Delavan, IL)
 Bacaro (Champaign, IL)
Work Shares
 Local
Farms provide stipends
 Epiphany
Farms Example
8-10 work share positions
May through November
5hr (crop share for two people)
10hr (crop share for 3-4 people)
Includes… Produce, Eggs, Meat and Milk
 Green
Top Grocery
 Common Ground Food Co-Op
(Champaign, IL)
Buying Clubs
 Arcola
 Fairbury
Connecting Organizations
Leading Organizations
 Illinois
Stewardship Alliance
Buy Fresh Buy Local
Golden Beet Award
 Spence
Farm Foundation
 Stewards of The Land
 Land Connection
 Central Illinois Sustainable Farming
Network (CIFSN)
Now, Your Table
How to get fit by saying NO.
1. Getting it to your
Eating Local on the cheap
 Buying
when in Season
 Looking out for important local
Seasonal Produce
High Quality Protein
2. Peer Policing Bad Habits
Stop going through the drive through and don’t
bring your big gulp around…
What to look out for?
 Fast
 Preservatives
 Artificial Colors
 Corn Syrup
 Sweet n Low/ Aspartame
 Refined Sugar
 Commercial Hygiene Products
3. Working Out for a
 Farm
 Volunteer
for a brighter future
 Farm
Fresh Food
 Farm
Fresh Conversation
 Healthy
 Sense
of Purpose and Pride
An Epiphany
 Inspiring
the next generation
 Providing
 Building
leadership for a brighter future
a healthy workplace
 Enriching
our meals, our lives and our land
Spring to a great Start
 Start
growing something
Spring Farm Tour…
 Winter
 Soil Blocks and Transplants
 Pruning for a purpose
 Perennials bounce to life
 Winter Annuals Still Alive
 Garden Planning and Strategy
The End
A realistic look at our successful future as a global nation, as
we rise to the occasion and make a difference.

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