Writing Goals and Performance Objectives

Writing Goals and
Performance Objectives
If you don’t know where you are
going, any road will get you
Lewis Carroll
Goals are...
statements of
end results.
For example...
By the end of this course
each student will be a
better instructor.
Good goals are...
based on the student’s aspirations
clearly stated to students
repeated throughout the course of
Performance objectives are...
specific statements
of student
competency as a
result of training.
Good Performance Objectives are...
linked to specific behavior
clear and concise
are observable
are measurable
relevant to the instruction
microcosms of the related goal (see rules
for good goals)
Objectives consist of three main
• Performance
– What will the students do?
• Condition
– Under what conditions will the students
• Criteria
– How well with the students perform?
Subtle wording changes can
drastically change an objective
Using their notes
By the end of this unit, each student will describe
the three components that are included in a
performance objective, without error.
as discussed in class
Using a wiring diagram
Given the tools required, the student will connect
all required cables without assistance.
In less than 1 minute
There are three primary types of
performance objectives
• Cognitive
– knowledge and information related behavior
• Psychomotor
– hands-on , doing behavior
• Affective
– attitudes, values, feeling, belief-related
Examples of Performance
By the end of this lesson, each student will
describe the three main components of a
performance objective with 100% accuracy.
Given a list of 10 performance objectives, each
student will classify them as to the domain
that they address with 80% accuracy.
Examples of Performance
By the end of this lesson, given a topic, each student
will write valid objectives that contain each of the
three main components of a performance objective
meeting all criteria discussed in class.
Given a class of 10 students, the instructor trainee
will teach a lesson that addresses each of the
objectives listed in the company training guide,
according to all standards discussed in class.
Examples of Performance
By the end of this course, each student will realize the
need to write valid performance objectives as
evidenced by consistent use of performance objectives
in all future teaching assignments.
Following a discussion on lesson planning, each
participant will advocate the use of computerprocessed lesson plans each time they advise new

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