Youth and Employment
In Cambodia
By: Ms. Pen Bopha
Chief of provincial office
Khmer Youth Association,
Prey Veng branch
1. Background
2. Youth and Employment in Cambodia
3. Recommendation to address youth
unemployment in Cambodia
1- Background
- After 1991 Paris Peace agreement on
Cambodian Conflict, the civil society
movements have been established.
- In 1992, the Khmer Youth Association was
established by youth and students from
different universities/institutes and
KYA Vision and Mission
1. Our vision is to be potential youth, working with youth and
for youth, for social positive change.
2. Our mission is to upgrade and promote youth participation
in human rights, democracy, peace building, health, gender
equality, education and vocational training for young
people in Cambodia. KYA strives toward an improved
framework for respecting human rights, democracy and
the empowerment of young people by government and
other stakeholders with the principles that encourage
youth participation and recognize youth’s roles and works.
2. Youth and Employment
- Currently has a large majority of youth under 30
years of age covering about 70% of total
- The labor forces increased 3.3% annually but the
increase of job opportunity has been certainly
- there are about 43,000 fresh university graduates
annually and amongst them between 15,000 –
20,000 got the jobs.
2. Youth and Employment (Con’t)
- Generally, 1 out of 10 of the youth get employed
- Small job market and the quality of education is
somewhat poor
- lack of job opportunities in their native place
potentially earn more incomes to support their
- Most youth migrate to find job and face
vulnerabilities to illegal scheme
2. Youth and Employment (con’t)
- Youth is seen by society as inexperience,
unethical and trouble makers
- officials in government institutions practiced
nepotism and corruption acts as barriers
- lack of access to information and internet in the
communities or in remote areas.
- Limited implementation of labor law, weak
monitoring and interference from powerful official
and big businessmen.
3. Recommendations to address youth
unemployment in Cambodia
- A National Youth Policy is urgently needed to
serve as a road map for Youth & Government
- Improve quality of education and training to open
up the opportunity for quality employment
- Establish vocational training centers in the rural
areas and make it accessible for young people
from poor families.
- Strengthen effective implementation of Labor Law
through involvement of CSO in the monitoring
3. Recommendations to address youth
unemployment in Cambodia (Con’t)
- The Government must have internship policy to open
opportunity in the public and private agencies.
- Establish a regular forum between State, private
sector and youth groups in order to exchange
experiences and seeking employment opportunities.
- Establish an office for job counseling
- Strengthen the implementation of immigration law.
- Mandate that all high schools have career counseling
program for Youth
- Improve access to information and technologies
Investing in Youth, contributes to a future of
hope and opportunity for all generations!
If a country does not take youth into account, it is not
different from a person cutting his or her own hand, then
join the athletic contest!
Thanks you!

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