The Student will analyze the role of the judicial branch of Georgia

SS8CG4: The Student will analyze the role of the
judicial branch of Georgia State Government
a) Explain the structure of the court system in
Georgia including trial & appellate
procedures and how judges are elected
b) Explain the difference between criminal law
and civil law
What is the role of the judicial branch
in Georgia’s government?
• To interpret the state’s law/ constitution
• One of the 3 branches of government
Vocabulary (544-546)
(1) Felony
(2) Misdemeanor
(3) Supreme Court
(4) Court of appeals
(5) Trial Courts
(6) Jurisdiction
(7) Grand Jury
(8) Trial Jury
Total Physical Response
• 1) Vocabulary word/words introduced
• 2) Students discuss & define meaning (try to
paraphrase do not use exact definition from book)
• 3) Students act out term or concept (An example
must be provided)
• 4) Each group/pair explains their term/concept to
other students
• 5) Presenters should have at least 2 prepared
questions from their vocabulary word as part of
their presentations
• Vocabulary Word: Juvenile
• Definition: Any person under the age of
seventeen living in the state of Georgia
• Example: most students in the 11th grade and
lower are juveniles
• Questions: What are some of your rights &
responsibilities as juveniles?
• Why are juveniles not allowed to vote in state &
national elections?
• What are some places/establishments juveniles
cannot legally enter?
Georgia’s Courts
• What is the highest
court in Georgia?
• How are judges elected?
• What is an appellate
• What is the court of
• Jurisdiction
• The Supreme Court of Georgia
• By popular vote (electorate) to
6 year terms(Chief justice
chosen by other judges)
• Court that reviews cases (no
witnesses & no juries
• 2nd highest court in Georgia
• The range of action over
which a court can take action

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