The Abacus

The Abacus
Miss Bruns 5th & 6th grade classes
Your are going to study the
Chinese Abacus and the history
behind it.
You will be linking to a website
that discusses the history of
the abacus and how it is
utilized in Asian countries.
After you have read about the
abacus, you will link to a
website that allows you to
play on a computerized
Take some time to explore the
abacus and discover how it
Your final task for the
project is to build an
abacus. You will need to
turn to page 41 in your
student guide.
Make sure that you follow
the steps and feel free to
ask for assistance.
Click here to read the history
of the Chinese abacus. After
you have read, click on the
virtual abacus link:
Chinese Culture:
Click here to work on a
computerized abacus with
your assignment from the
student guide:
National Library of Virtual
When you are finished, get out your
math journal and write a
reflection of the activity.
1. What did you learn?
2. How does an abacus compare to
a calculator?
3. Would you rather have an
abacus or a calculator for your
next test?

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