La Joya Independent School District HB5 Graduation Requirements

Students will identify the Foundation High
School Program Graduation Requirements.
Students will identify minimum course
requirements at their college of choice.
American School Counselor Association National
This lesson is aligned with ASCA Academic Domain A:
B2 (Plan to Achieve Goals); Competencies 1 &6:
Students will establish academic goals in middle
school and understand the relationship between
classroom performance and success in school.
In order to graduate from high school in the State
of Texas, a student must meet the requirements
of the Foundation High School Program and the
program contains up to four parts:
(1) A 22- credit foundation program which is the core
of the new Texas high school diploma;
(2) Five endorsement* options that allow students to
focus on a related series of courses;
(3) A higher performance category called Distinguished
Level of Achievement; and
(4) Performance Acknowledgments that note
outstanding achievement.
English (4 credits)
English I, English II, English III, An advanced
English course
Math (3 credits)
Algebra I, Geometry, An advanced math course
Science (3 credits)
Biology, IPC or An advanced science course, An
advanced Science course
World History or World Geography, US History,
US Government ( ½ credit), Economics ( ½
Social Studies (3 credits)
Language other than English (2 2 credits in the same language or
2 credits from Computer Science I, II, III
Physical Education (1 credit)
Fine Arts (1 credit)
Speech ( ½ credit)
Health ( ½ credit)
Electives (4 credits)
District Requirement
District Requirement
2. Explore the Endorsements
(1) STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering,
and Mathematics;
(2) Business & Industry;
(3) Public Service;
(4) Arts & Humanities;
(5) Multi-Disciplinary Studies
Endorsement: 4 Additional Credits for a total of 26 credits
(example: if you choose the Public Service Endorsement, you will take 4
elective classes under that endorsement. You must complete 4 credits in
order to graduate with that endorsement.)
You will need 26 Total Credits to Graduate from High School
(Foundation 22 credits + 4 Endorsement Credits = 26 Credits)
Additionally, a student may earn the
Distinguished Level of Achievement and/or
a Performance Acknowledgment for
outstanding performance.
The Distinguished Level of Achievement
must be earned to be admitted to a Texas
public university under the Top 10%
automatic admission law.
Foundation Program requirements (22 credits)
4 credits in Math including Algebra II
4 credits in Science
At least 1 endorsement
For a total of 26 credits
Dual credit courses: at least 12 dual credit hours with
a grade of 3.0 or higher on a 4.0 scale.
Bilingualism and Biliteracy: Example – ELA courses w/3.0 or
higher; 3 credits of Spanish with a 3.0 or higher or Spanish
AP test w/3.0 or higher
AP test: Score of 3 or better on an AP exam
PSAT, the ACT Plan, SAT, or the ACT:
PSAT: Commended Scholar, National Hispanic Scholar,
national Achievement Scholar or
ACT Plan: College Readiness in 2 of 4 subject tests or
SAT: Combined critical reading and math of at least 1250 or
ACT: Composite of 28 (excludes writing subscore)
Earning a nationally or internationally recognized business or
industry certification or license.
*A student entering 9th grade must indicate an
endorsement he or she plans to follow. A
student may change or add an endorsement at
certain times.
*Students must also pass 5 End-of-course
exams to graduate from high school: English I,
English II, Algebra I, Biology, and US History.
*Students must pass the course with a minimum
of a 70 to earn the credit. If the student fails the
course, the student must re take the course
until they pass it.
What is required to graduate from high school?
How is that different from what is required to
be admitted to college?
Thank You!!
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