English 8: The Open Road Mr. Cabat September 3, 2014

English 8: The Open Road
Mr. Cabat
September 5, 2014
Aim: “Who Will Love a Little Sparrow?”
Literary Elements Review
Do Now
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“Sparrow” (Simon & Garfunkel, 1964)
• The song was written by Paul Simon for their first album
• First, read the lyrics of the song and annotate them
• Now, let’s listen to their version of the song. How is the
experience of hearing the song different from reading it?
Groupwork: The swan, the tree, the golden wheat, the Earth.
What do you notice about the structure of the song?
Now, Let’s Put Our Knowledge of
Lit Elements to Work
Read Paul Milenski’s “Lost Keys”
Annotate the text for any literary elements you see.
In your Reader’s notebook, respond to this Essential
In what ways does Milenski use language to convey a sense
of loss?
Exit Ticket
On the index card, write your name and an example of
a literary element from a song you know. Be sure to
specify the element being used.
“The wind is howling
like this swirling storm
Monday: We Begin the
Investigative Journalism Unit
Be sure to have a loose-leaf binder and your
Reader’s/Writer’s notebooks with you

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