Freeganism powerpoint project better

By Mark Ihrig, Lamar Remy, and Vanessa Sanchez
What is it Like to be a Freegan?
 Live based on different strategies because
they do not live the same as everyone else
in the economy.
 Hold onto the community, generosity,
social concern, freedom, cooperation, and
 They share ideas of Transcendentalism, for
example; they resist against taxes, they live
life at its simplest, and care for the
To be a Freegan
 Most things that we do or buy from is from an organization that
is deplorable.
 Freeganism boycotts this way of life completely.
 They avoid buying anything they are able to.
 Freegan comes from
“free” and “vegan”.
 Vegans do not eat
anything that is from an
animal source or products
that were tested on
 They do this to try to stop
hurting animals.
 Freegan people take this step a little far because they find
something that we buy, and say that is harming the environment,
animals, and people.
 Example: child slavery, air and water pollution, and sweatshop
Freegans and Waste Reclamation
 Freegans are against consumerism and all that goes with it. Therefore,
they go “dumpster diving”.
 Dumpster diving consists in a technique where they go digging through
the garbage containers of stores, residences, factories or anywhere they
can get useful goods.
 From the dumpsters; they get food, clothing, magazines, newspapers,
musical instruments, etc. Everything they get is safe, consumable and
almost in perfect condition.
 They have groups like Food Not Bombs, who are focused on giving the
food that is set for waste to the people that need it.
 They share what they get form their “diving” in free events. Everything
is for free.
Waste Minimization
 Freegans are focused on reducing overconsumption and waste.
 When Freegans go dumpster diving, they collect the goods that
can be reusable to terminate the spread of pollution and garbage.
 Other things they do to reduce waste are recycling, repairing
items instead of replacing them, etc.
Eco-Friendly Transportation
 Freegans do not support the mobilization by fuel-powered automobiles
because of the impact these have on the environment.
 Instead on going in cars; they walk, bike, skate, or they go train hopping to
get to their destination.
 They use hitchhiking whenever a space needs to be filled up in a car
because the gas would be consumed anyway.
Rent-Free Housing
 Believe housing is a right, not a
 People called Squatters are ones
who occupy and rehabilitate
abandoned and, decrepit
 Not all squatters are Freegans
and vice versa.
 Some squatters convert these
buildings to Community
Going Green
 Freegans reconnect to the environment by gardening and wild
 Freegans who do this are known as Foragers.
 Foragers demonstrate that we can feed ourselves without
supermarkets and treat illnesses without pharmacies.
 Foragers are not always Freegans and vice versa.
Working Less
 Freegans believe workers “are cogs in a machine of violence.”
 Believe they should not cede total control to bosses.
 Freegans are able to greatly reduce the need to constantly be
 Able to devote more time to their families.
What do You Think?!
 The ideas of freeganism and
the ideas of Thoreau are alike
because they both have
thoughts to living simple.
 They both do not want to rely
on other people to make the
economy worse, and they both
love nature.
 Lamar, Vanessa, and Mark do
not think that being a freegan
would be a good life style. This
is partially because of the life
style that we already live and
we think that it would be near
impossible with all the traveling
and eating we have to do for
our sports.

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