PPT nigerian mask

4/8 Warm- up #1
We’ve briefly talked about masks before in art
But in your own opinion,
What are masks used for?
Where have you seen masks?
Why do people where them?
When are they worn?
Are they in your own culture? Explain.
Draw a mask that you have seen before.
African Masks: Nigeria
African masks art objects were, and are still made of various materials,
included are leather, metal, fabric and various types of wood. They’re
considered amongst the finest creations in the art world and are highly
sought after by art collectors.
During celebrations, initiations,
crop harvesting, war
preparation, peace and trouble
times, African masks are worn by
a chosen or initiated dancer. It
can be worn in three different
ways: vertically covering the
face: as helmets, encasing the
entire head, and as crest, resting
upon the head, which was
commonly covered by material
as part of the disguise. African
masks often represent a spirit
and it is strongly believed that
the spirit of the ancestors
possesses the wearer.
Shown here is the Epa
Mask carved by the
Yoruba people. Epa
masks are carved from
soft and light-wooded
trunks of the e’ruku
Other Nigerian Masks…
Ife Art
Ife art opens our eyes to the astonishingly realistic human figures cast in metal or terra
cotta more than half a millennium ago in the ancient West African city-state of Ife
(pronounced EE-fay).
The finest were made between the 11th and 15th centuries,
when the Ife kingdom was at the height of its power.
Important people were
often depicted with
large heads because
the artists believed
that the Ase was held
in the head, the Ase
being the inner power
and energy of a person.
For your project, you will….
- Complete TWO sketches in your DW of a Nigerian Mask using
line, shape, and patterns.
- Draw one FINAL sketch on designated paper to transfer onto
your piece of metal.
- Think about all of the characteristics of African and Nigerian
masks; who would wear
your mask and when? What is the purpose of your mask?
- Learn about metal embossing and how to do this using the
materials provided
- Complete a backing for your metal mask using Nigerian
motifs of shapes and patterns.
-Look through Nigerian and African mask images in the
PowerPoint, the books, on the cabinet, and online.
-- Complete TWO sketches in your DW (half page each)
of a Nigerian mask using characteristics from the images.
Focus on patterns, shape, texture, unity.
-- Decide on a final mask and complete a final sketch.
Keep it simple yet bold and creative.
-- If you finish, in your DW begin to describe your mask.
Who would wear it, when, why, where? What materials
would you make it out of?
--Write a narrative story about your mask.

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