16th XBRL International Conference

“Convergence, Communication and Interactive Data”
December 3rd to 6th, 2007
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
International Public Sector Working
Group (IPSWG): Plans and Priorities
Wednesday, December 5th, 2007 – 16.45 to 17.15
Presented by Don Geiger, Michał Piechocki, and Robert Walters
The observed need for the establishment of a
process/avenue for public sector agencies to
gain education and knowledge of the XBRL
taxonomy development process and provide
a due diligence process environment for the
establishment and vetting of public sector
taxonomies, in collaboration with
governmental accounting standard setters.
IPSWG was established to provide a forum for
discussion of relevant XBRL issues related to
business reporting within government agencies.
It will enable members to provide input and
participate in discussions and working groups
with respect to:
◦ Development and implementation of an IPSAS
◦ Instance document creation;
◦ Rendering capabilities; and
◦ XBRL-GL (IFRS) capabilities.
The XBRL Standards Board (XSB) of XBRL
International has authorized the IPSWG to
carry-out duties related to research, analysis
and recommendations on a wide range of
XBRL issues connected to:
◦ The adoption of public sector XBRL projects;
◦ Taxonomy development; and
◦ Education of interested parties.
The work of the IPSWG will include education
and training suitable for public sector
focused individuals and organizations.
The group will work to establish XBRL
taxonomies specific to public sector financial
IPSWG will also provide implementation
guidance for public sector organizations
interested in XBRL.
◦ Development of a taxonomy based on IFRS and
incorporating IPSAS standards
◦ Capable of being leveraged further for national and
local extension requirements
◦ Presentation and documentation material to aid
public sector discussions on the benefits of XBRL
◦ Sharing of best practices across jurisdictions
 ex. XBRL as a solution for internal reporting needs
XBRL implementation guidance for public sector entities
– 1st quarter 2008
Establishment of IFRS public sector extension taxonomy
(a.k.a. IPSASB taxonomy) 1st draft – 3rd quarter 2008
XBRL training for public sector – expectation is to have
a session at each international conference or as
Coordination with standard setting organizations (IFAC,
Audit Assurance, United Nations, IASB, etc)
IFRS coordination process – 2nd quarter 2008
IPSAS taxonomy translated to other languages (Spanish,
French, etc.) – 2nd quarter 2009
IPSWG holds monthly conference calls on the 3rd
Thursday of each month (next - December 20th)
EST (Ontario)
PDT (Nevada)
CEST (Poland/France/Netherlands)
KST (Korea)
ADT (Argentina)
Sub-group meetings are scheduled as necessary
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