Graphing Proportional Relationships

Unit 2
Ratio and Proportional Relationships
Lesson 5A
7.RP.2/ MP: 1-4
Do Now
• There are 9 red gumdrops, 10 yellow
gumdrops, and 15 orange gumdrops in a bag.
What is the ratio of orange gumdrops to red
gumdrops in the bag?
• Is 3 = 12 a true proportion?
5 20
• Solve for x: 8 = 6
12 x
Let’s Go Over Homework Answers
WB Pg 11 #20-27
1. There are 9 red marbles, 5 yellow marbles,
and 12 blue marbles in a bag. What is the
ratio of blue marbles to red marbles in the
2. Is 4 16 a true proportion?
5 20
3. Solve for x: 6 = 8
12 x
• Students will graph relationships on a
coordinate plane and determine if a
relationship is proportional.
Review: Graphing on a Coordinate Plane
Quadrant II
X: move
right 2 units
(2, 3)
Y: move up 3
(x, y)
Quadrant I
(2, 3)
(0, 0)
Quadrant III
Helpful Hint
The sign of a number indicates which
direction to move.
Positive: up or right
Negative: down or left
Quadrant IV
• Ms. Umstetter is planning a year-end pizza party for her students.
• Cascarino’s Pizza is offering free delivery and charges $8 per medium
• 1) complete the table to determine the cost for different numbers of
pizzas ordered.
• Pizza
• Cost ($)
• 2) Write the relationship of the cost and number of pizzas as a ratio in
simplest form
• 3) What do you notice about the simplified ratios?
• 4) Graph the chart on a coordinate plane and connect the points. Describe
the graph.
• 5) Is the relationship proportional?
• Another way to determine whether two
quantities are proportional is to graph the
quantities on the coordinate plane.
• If the graph of the two quantities is a straight
line through the origin, then the two
quantities are proportional.
• CW: WB pg 17
• HW: Rates & Ratios 2 Wksht

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