7 Week 4 - Center

7 Week 4
• Cohesion (n): the act of uniting or sticking
• V: cohere
• Adj: cohesive
• Adv: cohesively
• Denotation (n): the explicit or direct meaning
of a word; the dictionary definition
• V: denote
• Patronize (v): to behave in an offensive
manner, to speak or look down on
• OR: to regularly do trade with a business
• N: patron
• N: patronization
• Trivial (adj): of very little importance;
commonplace; ordinary
• N: trivia
• N: trivialization
• Adv: trivially
• Mortify (v): to humiliate or shame
• N: mortification
• Adj: mortifying
• Adv: mortifyingly
• Homage (n): respect or reverence paid;
something done in consideration or
acknowledgement of someone or something
• Unscathed (adj): unharmed; uninjured
• Adverb: modifies verbs, adjectives, or other
• Answers the questions
– When
– Where
– How
– To what extent

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