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Warm up
Task 1
Task 2
Task 1
Task 2
Warm up
Work in group, discuss these questions and
then present in class.
1. Who do you look more like, your mother
or your father?
2. Who are you more like in character, your
mother or your father?
3. Do you want to bring up your children in
the same way you were brought up?
reserved (adj)
Shy and keeping your feelings hidden.
Ex: Ellen was a shy, reserved girl.
embarrassed (adj)
Feeling uncomfortable or shy because of something
Silly you have done, because people are looking at you.
Ex: I felt so embarrassed when I dropped my glass.
Family Matter
Passage 1
Oliver Darrow
Passage 2
Carmen Darrow
Task 1: Multiple choice
Choose the correct answer
Which two sentences best describe their relationship?
a. It was closer when Carmen was a child.
b. They get on well and have similar interests.
c. They don’t have much in common.
2. Which two sentences best describe Oliver?
a. He’s done a lot for his daughter.
b. He doesn’t very sensitive to how she feels.
c. He’s more interested in himself than his family.
3. Which two sentences best describe Carmen?
a. She is selfish and spoilt.
b. She tried to pleased her father.
c. She was never really happy until she married George.
Task 2: Comprehension questions
1. How did Oliver behave in front of Carmen’s friend?
2. Why did she leave school?
3. Is she happy married? How do you know?
4. What does Carmen think of her father’s career?
5. Why don’t they see each other very much?
Task 1: Discuss
If you were Carmen Darrow,
would you like to have a father like her?
Task 2: Use the modal verb in brackets to rewrite the first
part of each sentence. Complete the sentences with your
own ideas.
Ex: I’m sure Carmen likes animals a lot because…….(must)
She must like animals because she enjoys working with them.
I don’t think Oliver is a very famous actor because
I think maybe he has won an Oscar because ……….(might)
I’m sure she had a lot of friends when she was a teenager
because ….(must)
I don’t think she worked hard at school because ……..(can’t)

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