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Nottingham Credit Union (NCU) - Operations Manager, Ella Ferris
“We went through a fairly large organisational
restructure in March and felt that hiring
Apprentices would suit our needs. Having worked
with Future Jobs Fund employees before, we had
an idea of what it would be like."
“At first, some staff had reservations, thinking that
the Apprentices would be underpaid and given no
real responsibilities.
Ella Ferris with Apprentices Umare and Jordan
‘’Some staff were concerned that it was just a way of getting cheap labour and
would exploit young people, but we've not found this to be the case at all! All of
our team now see they're a great asset. We have recruited two Apprentices who
are enthusiastic, responsive, fresh and adaptable. They've both taken a lot of
pressure off the operations team, and this has been crucial to the development of
our organisation. I would definitely recommend it to any other organisation.’’
Employer forum
Who are Fair Train?
About Fair Train
• Fair Train is the name of the Group Training Association (GTA) for
the voluntary sector. A Group Training Association is a not for profit
organisation that encourages employers from their sector to offer
apprenticeships by helping them to access and manage training for
apprentices. There are Group Training Associations for a number of
different sectors.
The Fair Train partners
• The organisations involved in Fair Train are ACEVO, Action for
Children, Barnardo’s, Enable, Learning Curve, NACRO, NAVCA,
NCVO, North Warwickshire and Hinckley College, The Prince’s
Trust, Rathbone, Skills - Third Sector, London Learning Consortium,
St John Ambulance, VISTA and VSNW. Fair Train is being coordinated by Rathbone.
• Increase the involvement and capacity of third
sector employers with apprenticeships
• Raise the profile of those already involved and
share good practice
• Address workforce planning issues facing the
• Contribute to providing young people with
valuable and cutting-edge work experiences
Become a Fair Train member
1. Complete the form
2. Hand in to Nick
3. Enjoy the benefits
4. For further information email
[email protected]
Employers join Fair Train for free
Employers can join Fair Train now
If you are a third sector organisation, employing one or more staff and have an
interest in apprenticeships then you can join Fair Train.
There is no charge to join.
As an employer member you will:
Receive the Fair Train Employer Induction Pack that describes how to offer apprenticeships
Be kept up to date with developments on apprenticeships in the sector, including the new
frameworks being developed by Skills - Third Sector
Be able to access government funding to train apprentices in your organisation
Have access to Fair Train and its approved providers for guidance and for training
Receive a monthly electronic newsletter about apprenticeships in the sector.
By joining you are under no obligation to offer apprenticeships in your organisation –
but we hope that you will want to.
You can resign as a member at any time – but we don’t think that you will want to.
Work place learning contract
Jeff Roots
[email protected]

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