Ch 20-21 w answers

Ch 20/21 Insights- Civil War Notes
• Goal ?s Part 1
1. Identify 3 advantages that both the North
and South had fighting the war.
2. Identify and explain the impact of three early
battles of the Civil War
Ch 20/21
• ID- Seceding States (437)
• Summary 1- How many Southern states seceded?
– 11
• OI- Brothers Blood and Border States
• Border States- slave states that did not need slavery
• 1) ID one reason Border States were important
– Population (fewer soldiers for S), food (less food for S. soldiers),
Ohio River (N. could move troops quickly)
2) How Lincoln kept Maryland in the Union?
Suspending Habeas Corpus
Habeus Corpus- a person has to be charged with a crime after
being arrested and given a trial
How does suspending Habeus Corpus changes a person’s rights?
(What can the government do with an arrested person w/out HB?)
Pro-S. Marylanders not allowed to vote on secession
Lincoln willing to violate Const. rights to win war
Why was Maryland so important to keep in the Union?
3) Why did the 5 Civilized tribes side with South?
Cherokee owned slaves
• ID- The Technology of War (P 439), Manufacturing by Sections (442)
read captions and THINK?
• Summary 2-What allowed the Civil War to become one of the most
destructive wars ever?
– Mechanization (modern tech- artillery, railroads)
– What side will have the advantage when it comes to technology? Why?
• Summary 3- What was the South’s failure in understanding this new
change in warfare?
– S. did not understand importance of RRs and transportation
Summary 4- What is the “Annual Value of Products” for the North vs.
the South?
NE, Mid. States, West States, Pac. States=1,725,000,000 vs
South $155,000,000
Summary 5- How will the “Annual Value of Products” hurt the South war
effort, help the North?
The north has cash, the South has far less to support the war
• OI- Balance of Forces
• 4) ID 1 advantage of the South
– Defensive War, Officers, Belief in Cause, southern familiarty w.
horses and guns
• 5) ID one disadvantage of the South
– No factories to build war provisions
• 6) ID one advantage of the north
– Economy (factories), navy, population
Opening moves of CW
• Fort Sumter(Apr 1861)- opening shots of
CW (Upper South Secedes)
• ?Why does the Upper South
secede after Fort Sumter?
• 1St Bull Run- 1st major battle
– 30K Union vs. 22K South
• N. belief- easy victory
• Why would the N. be so
– Spectators
• S. Rout- S. wins
– ?What Southern advantage
allowed S. to win this battle?
– Total War- to win war N.
needs to completely destroy
the S.
War in the West
• Gen. Ulysses S. Grant- most
important Union General
– Character- poor student,
alcoholic, failure in civilian life
• Positives- photogenic
memory, understood total
warfare (destroying
enemies will to fight,
wear down enemy
– *? Would you want
this guy as your
• Battle of Shiloh- 1st major battle
of war (23,000 casualties in 2
– *What does this battle show
about the south and their
attitude towards war?
CH 21 Insights Goal Questions P2
• 1) Evaluate/Judge if the Union was truly
fighting for the ideals of the Republic
(equality, freedom, liberty)
• 2) Explain why Antietam was/could have been
the defining battle of the Civil War
• 3) Analyze how the Emancipation
Proclamation was one of the most defining
documents in US history
• ID- The Confederacy Gets no help from Europe (p 444)
• Summary 6- How did the Union keep Europe out of the
– By being Europe’s most important trading partner
• OI- Dethorning King Cotton
• 7) Why did the European ruling class side w the South
– Europe disliked the North’s democratic beliefs of
• 8) Why did Europe’s people side with the North
– They were against slavery
• 9) Why did Europe eventually side with the North?
– US had a good harvest and Eur. Suffered a bad harvest,
Eur. Needed the North’s food
ID- New York City Draft Riots (448)
Draft- when a person is forced to fight in a war
Summary 7- How was the New York Draft Riot ended?
Army was sent in and fired on rioters
OI- Volunteers and Draftees: North vs. South
10) What is a $300 man?
A person who could buy there way out of the draft
What group of people will end up fighting the war? (Who is the
lowest of that group?)
• 11) What group caused the NY draft riots?
– Anti-black Irish immigrants
• 12) How could a southerner get out of fighting?
– Hire a substitute or own over 20 slaves
ID- Killing Fields of Antietam (460)
Summary 8-How does the Battle of Antietam rank among US
Bloodiest 1 day battle (23,000 casualties)
OI- The Pivotal Point: Antietam
13) Why did Gen. Lee and the South invade Maryland?
Hoping to get support of Europe and Border States w a major victory
in N.
• 14) What advantage did the north/ McClellan have going
into the battle?
– The N. discovered Lee’s battle plans (Gen. McClellan had the
power to destroy S./Lee’s army)
• Union wins the battle, but allowed Gen. Lee/S. to escape (war could have
ended if Gen. McClellan/N. had been more daring in battle)
• 15) How was Antietam the long-awaited victory for
– Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation
ID- Emancipation in the South (461)
Summary 9-What document freed the slaves?
13th Amendment
OI- A Proclamation without Emancipation
16) What did the Emancipation Proclamation declare?
Slaves in areas of rebellion are free
• 17) What was the shortcoming of the
– EP did not free any slaves
• 18) Why was the proclamation important?
– CW became a war to end slavery/freedom
Ch 20/21 Goal Questions P3
• 1) Identify why Gettysburg and Vicksburg were
instrumental in helping the Union win the Civil
• 2) Explain 2 oddities about the election of
• 3) Analyze two impacts of the Civil War that
still have an influence on the US today?
Gettysburg and Vicksburg- two battles that allow the
North to win the CW
• Vicksburg- N. controls Miss.
River, splits S. in half
– Grant- becomes the Gen. Lincoln
needs to win the war
– 3 week siege
– Cuts S. in half
• How is this an example of Total
• Gettysburg- largest battle of CW
– Lee invades N
• Why is Lee at a disadvantage?
– Losses N- 23K, S 28K (1/3 of Lee’s
• Why is this battle such a devastating
defeat for S.?
ID-Recruiting Black Troops in Boston (462), Excerpt on P 464
about black soldiers
Summary 10- How was the Massachusetts 54th different from
other Union regiments?
1st Af/Am regiment
Summary 11- How many African-Americans served for the
Union in the Civil War
180,000/ 10% of total military
• OI- Blacks Battle Bondage
• 19) ID an example of Af/Am. heroism in the war?
– 22 medals of honor, 38,000 dead, FT. Wagner where ½ of the
Mass. 54th died
• 20) How did slavery hurt the South during the war?
– S. could not turn their guns away f. slaves
ID- Union Party (471)
Summary 12- Identify the two groups of people that
comprised the Union Party?
Republicans and pro-war Democrats
OI- Election of 1864- 1st election in world history held during
a civil war (half of the country did not vote)
21) What party did Lincoln run as in the Election of
1864? What political party did Lincoln run as in 1860?
Union in 1864, Rep. in 1860
22) Why did Lincoln select Andrew Johnson as a
running mate? What political party did Johnson come
– To attract Border States and pro-war Dems
23) What group overwhelming supported Lincoln’s reelection?
– Army
Impact of War
• Appomattox Courthouse- Lee/S.
surrender to Grant/N.
• Cost of War
– Lives- 600,000 dead
– $20 bil (10x’s value of all slaves in
– Industrialization- N. built
factories to provide for war
• Creates an industrial base
that will make US a world
economic power in late
– Nationalism “The Unites States”
– Spiritual- S. hurt and beaten
• S. Humiliated- takes out anger
on who?
• Slaughter- America is not a
perfect nation as imagined w.
2nd Great Awakening

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