Cold War Begins

The United States and the Cold War
Origins of the Cold War
Why is this event called the “Cold War”?
In what ways would the Cold War be fought?
Is pure communism possible to achieve?
Why do you believe communism is appealing to downtrodden nations?
Why is communism frightening to American citizens?
Describe the importance and necessity of the conferences at Yalta and Potsdam.
What nations made up the allied powers during World War II?
The Cold War
What was the Cold War?
“The nonviolent conflict between the U.S. and the former U.S.S.R. after 1945.
A conflict or dispute between two groups that does not involve actual fighting.”
What did each side want?
So, where did it all go wrong?
USSR broken promises in the eastern Europe.
What major European city would be the main ideological battleground for the Cold War?
Berlin, Germany.
Map Work
Locate the following nations or “things”.
Great Britain
West Germany
East Germany
The Soviet Union (USSR)
Berlin (dot it on the map and label.)
The Iron Curtain
Satellite Nations
Why would the Soviet Union want a border between them and western Europe?
Where do we get the term “Iron Curtain”?
The Cold War
Soon after World War II, something needed to be done to stop the USSR…
George F. Kennan
In February 1946, Kennan drafted the “Long Telegram”.
The USSR was “ruthlessly expansionary” but also timid and careful.
Can one ever truly stop the spread of an idea?
The Cold War
Kennan’s Solution to the Soviet Threat of expansion?
“Firm and vigilant containment” was needed.
Containment would be the key to fighting in the Cold War.
What would happen if we failed to contain communism?
The Domino Theory would occur.
The Cold War
How would President Truman stop the spread of communism?
1. The Truman Doctrine (March 1947)
2. The Marshall Plan (Summer 1947)
What did the Soviets want for the future of Germany?
What did the western powers want for the future of Germany?
Conflict in Berlin
1948: Great Britain, France, and the United States combine their zones into one nation.
Why? An impoverished West Germany was vulnerable to communism.
The Berlin Blockade
What did the Soviet Union do in response to this unification?
June 1948: Blockaded all access to West Berlin from West Germany.
Why does this matter?
Containment is being tested.
If the west does not respond?
West Berlin falls.
What should the United States do: Fight the Soviets or abandon West Berlin?
The Berlin Blockade
What did the Soviet Union do?
Blockaded all waterway, highway, and rail transport to West Berlin.
Why does this matter?
Containment is being tested.
If the west does not respond?
West Berlin has to turn to the USSR for assistance from supplies
What does the United States do?
The Berlin Airlift
For 327 days, over 277,000 flights brought more
than 2.3 million tons of supplies into West Berlin
causing the Soviets to back down in 1949.
USA – 1
USSR – 0
The Formation of NATO
What is NATO?
North Atlantic Treaty Organization (1949).
A political and military alliance between (currently, 28) states that promotes freedom and security
throughout the world through collective defensive measures.
First nations to join?
The United States as an isolationist nation was now gone forever.
A Brief History of NATO
Belgium & the Netherlands
Denmark & Norway
France & Great Britain
The United States & Canada
Greece and Turkey

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