social media workshop

Social Media 101
What we will cover
Google Places
Blast Email
Online Images
Facebook & Twitter
Pick easy name for your page
Be consistent in your posting (ie: once a week)
Don’t be too selly – but have a call to action
Post comments on site that clients may look at
such as vendors, clients and CVBs (ie: On
Newseum site: That’s a great photo of your
inauguration party! We are so glad to have you in
one of our packages:
• “People love to buy – but hate being sold to.”
How to build a Facebook page
– Hire a third party (ie: Hotel Guest Comments)
– Example:
– Build some yourself and some by third party
widget (ie: FVM Leonardo)
– Example:
– Build yourself ( )
– Example:
Let’s Update YOUR Facebook Page
Trip Advisor
add Twitter tab to your Facebook
To have Facebook posts go to Twitter or
(FB post to Twitter)
Make your own widget
(ie: “book now” button)
(there are others out there, this is one of many)
If you have VBrochure, contact your account rep to add the Facebook suite of apps at no
additional charge. For more information email: [email protected]
Have your Facebook
page built
Contact Kelly Ann Schneider, Hotel Guest Comments at 858-232-2336
[email protected] One-time fee: $795
Create a professional
First create a Facebook page then,
Not online yet? To start a free account, click on one more of the following icons:
(Instagram to be done from a smart phone)
• 140 characters
• Most people read twitter on cell phones, but:
– Does your Twitter page look complete
– Three photos
– 6 images
• Retweets help you become relevant!
• “Auto tweet” all Facebook posts and email
• Pinterest is new on the scene
• Like Twitter only people follow your billboards
(or search for your content) rather than them
being pushed out
• YouTube for photos
• Let’s look at an example:
Google Places
• Google Places vs Google +
– Google Places is “owning” your location in Google
– Google + is an online profile
• Why is it important?
– To own your location before someone else does
– Control the content that is on your “place”
“Own” Your Place
• Create a gmail account
– For your hotel
– Don’t use a person’s name (people change)
Login to Google
… create an
Click here to
grab this
location, or…
Find your
business. If it is
not showing…
Search using
your hotel
phone number
… click here to
add a listing.
Fill in information and hit
submit. Google will send you
a post card or call – prep
your front office to expect a
call for the code.
Once you own your
location – you can
come back at any
time and edit
contract and add
Google +
• Profile, such as Facebook or LinkedIn
• Is designed for individuals to interact and
share experiences online (much like Facebook)
• The difference is that the shared experiences
(comments, photos) are hosted on the
location’s page, not the users
• Do hotels need to get involved yet?
– Not yet, but eventually
– Get ahead of the curve and create a profile
Google +
Login to your gmail
Fill in your profile
This will allow you to interact with your
customers/guests in Google+
Fill in and follow
Blast Emails
• Target to specific
markets or
• Create templates
to more efficiently
• When adding list
to your dbase –
note where the
lead came from
before uploading
Use verbiage that pulls the reader in
Online Images
• Images tell a story
– Stills
– Virtual tours
– Videos
• Professional photography
• It’s ok to pepper in stock photography.
Third Party to Manage Images
• Helps push images to OTA and corporate
• VFM Leonardo and Ice Portal are two examples
• Change one place and it changes images on
brand site, independent site, mobile site and
One Click Changes Photos Everywhere
Showcase ALL your
Best practices to share?

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